We’re on your side. Don’t just rely on your insurance company to compensate your medical bills, lost wages and expenses when you are injured in an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall, or other accident in Michigan.

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Are you or a loved one the victim of an injury (or fatality) caused by a doctor’s mistake or a hospital’s preventable medical error? Filing Medical Malpractice claims is exceedingly complicated due to government regulations and the court system.

Michigan Medical Malpractice lawyers Cochran, Kroll & Associates are experienced and uniquely qualified to help you navigate the complex process and seek compensation.

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You do have rights! Cochran, Kroll & Associates are skilled Michigan Workers’ Compensation attorneys dedicated to representing individuals who have suffered catastrophic losses as a result of injuries sustained at work.

Our leading worker’s compensation attorneys can help you receive the medical care, lost wages, retraining, rehabilitation, or death benefits that the law entitles you.

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The Law Offices of Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. is comprised of Michigan personal injury attorneys dedicated to representing individuals and families who have suffered catastrophic losses as a result of injuries, disabilities or death.
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As the top Michigan accident attorneys in the state, Cochran, Kroll & Associates’ primary consideration is financial compensation. We also realize, however, that the injured victim and their family must have guarantees of future security, including health insurance, payment for wage loss, educational trust funds, etc.

Cochran, Kroll & Associates relies upon the significant professional accomplishments of our staff of highly qualified Michigan injury lawyers to work for the best interests of our clients. As personal injury lawyers in Michigan, we put all of our efforts, skills and expertise into obtaining the highest settlement possible for our clients.

* Largest Michigan Award of the Year, 2006. Michigan Conduct Code requires that attorneys advise you that costs are the responsibility of the client. Results achieved in one case does not mean that similar results may be achieved in another.

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