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Award: $15.8 Million – Largest Michigan Award*

Medical Malpractice/Birth Injury • Monroe, Michigan

What Happened: A young couple from Monroe, Michigan, was awarded a $15.8 million verdict as the result of their baby son, Jason, being inflicted with Cerebral Palsy as the result of an error during the final stages of a labor.
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Award: $930,000

Medical Malpractice / Emergency Center Malpractice • Flint, Michigan

What Happened: A seven-week-old infant died from dehydration after he was sent home from the emergency room without any tests or treatment.
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Award: $1 Million

Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death • Oakland County, Michigan

What Happened: While in the hospital a mother of three was not properly treated for a closed-head injury causing her untimely death.

Award: $1.4 Million

Accidents & Injuries/Brain Injury • Livonia, Michigan

What Happened: A Livonia pedestrian recovered $1.4 million when he was struck by a commercial van resulting in a traumatic brain injury in Redford, Michigan.

Settlement: $9 Million

Medical Malpractice / Misdiagnosis • Wayne County, Michigan

What Happened: Patient suffered cardiac arrest and brain damage when a hospital failed to recognize internal bleeding and treatment was delayed for more than 14 hours.

Award: $1.9 Million

Medical Malpractice • Wayne County, Michigan

What Happened: Middle-aged woman suffered severe disfiguring facial burns from a simple surgical procedure.

Settlement: $3.8 Million

Medical Malpractice / Birth Trauma • Southern Michigan

What Happened: Child developed cerebral palsy with developmental delays due to lack of oxygen and brain injury during labor and delivery.

Award: $1.5 Million

Accidents & Injuries/Construction Site/Workplace Injury • Westland, Michigan

What Happened: A Westland construction worker recovered $1.5 million after sustaining a traumatic brain injury while on a construction site in Detroit, Michigan.

Pre-Litigation Settlement: $1.5 Million

Medical Malpractice / Pharmaceutical Error • Northern Michigan

What Happened: Pharmaceutical error resulted in rejection of donor kidney, requiring patient with late-stage kidney failure to undergo expensive and time-consuming dialysis until a new suitable donor kidney became available a year later.

Award: $250,000

Accidents & Injuries/Dog Bite • Monroe, Michigan

What Happened: A Monroe, Michigan, homemaker recovered $250,000 after sustaining a dog bite in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Award: $600,000

Accidents & Injuries/Workplace Injury • Swartz Creek, Michigan

What Happened: A Swartz Creek, Michigan, man received $600,000 after he was struck by a Ford hi-lo sustaining bi-lateral wrist fractures.

Award: $1.3 Million

Accidents & Injuries/Truck Accident • Marlette, Michigan

What Happened: A Marlette, Michigan, family reached a $1.3 million settlement in the traffic death of their 5-year-old son when they were struck by a semi truck.

Award: $3.3 Million

Accidents & Injuries/Auto Accident • Tuscola County, Michigan

What Happened: A Tuscola County jury awarded $3.3 million to a severely brain injured motorist as the result of a defective Michigan highway.

Award: $225,000

Medical Malpractice/Cancer Misdiagnosis • Redford, Michigan

What Happened: The misdiagnosis of breast cancer resulted in a Redford, Michigan, woman recovering $225,000.

Award: $125,000

Workers Compensation • Detroit, Michigan

What Happened: A construction worker redeemed his worker’s compensation case for $125,000 in Detroit, Michigan.

Award: $1.25 Million

Accidents & Injuries/Construction Site Injury • Flint, Michigan

What Happened: A seventeen-year-old construction worker suffered a traumatic brain injury resulting from a fall in Flint, Michigan, and was awarded $1.25 million.


Award: $400,000

Accidents & Injuries/Auto Accident • Monroe, Michigan

What Happened: A paraplegic woman from Monroe, Michigan, recovered Michigan no-fault benefits including the purchase of a new home and attendant care in excess of $400,000.

Award: $2.2 Million

Medical Malpractice/Birth Injury • Brighton, Michigan; Detroit, Michigan

What Happened: A Brighton family recovered $1.3 million and a Detroit family recovered $900,000 as the result of birth injuries and medical malpractice to their children.

Award: $80,000

Accidents & Injuries/Auto Accident • Bay City, Michigan

What Happened: A Bay City grandmother was awarded $80,000 following an auto accident resulting in a broken leg.

* Largest Michigan Award of the Year, 2006. Michigan Conduct Code requires that attorneys advise you that costs are the responsibility of the client. Results achieved in one case does not mean that similar results may be achieved in another.

There is no obligation for a case evaluation and no fee is charged unless a recovery is made


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There is no obligation for a case evaluation & no fee is charged unless a recovery is made.
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