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Surgical Burns Lawyer Michigan

Medical negligence or malpractice can be disguised as many different forms, but surgical burns may be some of the most preventable injuries. Surgical burns are accidental burns that may occur during surgery due to operating errors and negligence.

The burns typically occur when the patient is under general anesthesia for a routine operation, often caused by wrongfully transmitted electrical or thermal currents from physicians’ medical negligence or device failure. Misuse of the medical device includes misplacing surgical pads, overheating of the device, or if the pads are placed on wet skin–which can all lead to burning a patient’s skin.

Surgical burns can be severe, usually destroying the first two top layers of the skin, which include the fat and muscle tissues. In more detrimental scenarios, the burns can reach third or fourth-degree levels; a third-degree burn can destroy a patient’s sweat glands, hair follicles, or even cause nerve damage, while a fourth-degree burn could inflict damage to the bone.

To receive proper financial or emotional compensation, it is in your best interest to contact a medical malpractice attorney with a medical background, like Eileen Kroll and her team of paralegals. She will ask the right questions to find out exactly what went wrong and how to get you properly compensated.

For instance, she will investigate further and find out which medical professionals were present during the operation, what medical equipment was being used, if the equipment was properly assessed before the surgery, if it was used properly during the surgery, and if doctors followed the standard of procedure. She can then establish a fortified timeline to determine medical negligence.

Imagine you or a loved one undergoing a mild, routine surgery, only to wake up in pain with inscrutable burns and markings on your skin. These unwarranted surgical burns can lead to even more hospital bills and elongated treatment, affecting your well-being, taking away your time, and causing more pain.

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