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Child’s Erbs Palsy Case

Let Medical Malpractice Attorney and Registered Nurse Eileen Kroll handle your child’s Erbs palsy case

Eileen Kroll, a Registered Nurse with professional experience in the medical and legal fields has special expertise in handling birth injury claims including cases involving Erbs palsy.

Erbs Palsy can occur when the delivery room physician uses too much downward force when delivering the baby’s shoulder. The injury likely results from stretching or tearing of the nerve roots in the brachial plexus (a network of spinal nerves supplying the arm, forearm and hand).

What is Erbs palsy?

Erbs palsy can result even when the delivery does not appear to be difficult but it is more likely to occur when there is shoulder dystocia, meaning the shoulder is stuck or lodged in the birth canal at the time of delivery.

If Erbs palsy involves the upper spinal nerves, the baby will exhibit paralysis of the shoulder and arm muscles resulting in a hanging upper arm that may extend to the elbow. If the lower spinal nerves are also involved, the baby will have paralysis of the hand as well.

If your baby has paralysis of the shoulder, arm or hand, Erbs palsy may be the correct diagnosis. An injury during the delivery process may be the cause of the Erbs palsy.

Erbs palsy attorneys Cochran, Kroll & Associates won a $15.8 million verdict in a birth injury case in michigan

Eileen Kroll, a Registered Nurse with professional experience in the medical and legal fields, has won or settled many medical malpractice lawsuits for her clients. Cochran, Kroll & Associates recently won a $15.8 million dollar verdict on behalf of a child born with cerebral palsy. Eileen Kroll may be able to obtain money damages for your child and family if your child was injured as the result of medical or nursing negligence.

Parents of children with Erbs palsy are often told by physicians that their child suffered an unavoidable birth injury. Parents are rarely informed that their child’s disability may have been caused by negligence.

In fact, many parents feel that there is no way to know what caused Erbs palsy in their child and are unaware that there are ways to search for answers, such as hiring an attorney like Eileen Kroll who specializes in handling Erbs palsy cases. The truth is that Erbs palsy is most often the result of medical negligence during delivery of the child.

Doctors have an obligation to provide adequate care during all stages of a woman’s pregnancy, including the delivery period. Unfortunately, doctors are capable of error or negligence when delivering a baby.

Talk to a female attorney who is also a registered nurse

Eileen Kroll can bring her special background of being both a Registered Nurse and an experienced trial attorney to your case. In addition, as a woman and a mother, she can identify with the heartbreak a mother feels when her child is injured.


How is Erbs palsy detected?

Parents who are concerned about their baby’s development for any reason should contact their physician. Doctors diagnose Erbs palsy by testing an infant’s motor skills and looking carefully at the infant’s medical history.

Free consultation with Michigan Erbs palsy lawyer Eileen Kroll

If you are the parent of a child with Erbs palsy and you suspect the cause might involve medical or nursing negligence, contact Eileen Kroll at Cochran, Kroll & Associates for a free consultation. The toll-free number is 866-868-3779. Eileen Kroll possesses the special knowledge needed to investigate and handle your case to achieve the best result possible. Eileen or one of her team members will talk to you over the phone before scheduling a free in-office or in-home consultation.

Money damages can be awarded to your child and family for your child’s injury

Eileen Kroll and her team at Cochran, Kroll & Associates have the legal and medical knowledge and experience needed to help your child and your family. Eileen and her team will seek money damages to compensate your child and family for the birth injury. Money damages can be awarded for the child’s pain and suffering, mental distress, permanent disability and disfigurement, as well as loss of earnings and earning capacity. Eileen Kroll will seek to ensure the family’s economic security by seeking payments for the child’s continued care and support.

Michigan Erbs palsy lawyer Eileen Kroll says “Do not hesitate to file a lawsuit”

Cochran, Kroll & Associates devotes its practice to representing individuals who are the victims of medical malpractice, workplace injuries, and automobile, airplane, boating truck or motorcycle accidents. Essentially, if a person has been involved in any tragedy involving negligence and requiring compensation, Cochran, Kroll & Associates will provide whatever legal services are required.

Victims should not hesitate to file a lawsuit for fear of filing a frivolous lawsuit. That is propaganda created by the insurance industry. Let an attorney like Eileen Kroll, not an insurance agent, determine what’s frivolous and when justice should be pursued.

In America, a jury makes a decision on damages after hearing all of the evidence. The jury award is designed to compensate the injury victim. A fundamental right of all Americans is a trial by jury, allowing our fellow citizens to hear our case and to make a decision. Do not give up any of your rights as a citizen!

Act quickly

Do not delay in contacting Eileen Kroll. Statutes of limitation shorten the length of time you have to file a lawsuit. The statute of limitation can be as little as two years from the date of the malpractice. In the case of a minor, the statute is generally longer. If you fail to file a lawsuit within the statutory time period, you may forever be barred from bringing a claim. If you have a child with Erbs palsy and believe that you have a case for medical malpractice, it is critical that you seek legal help quickly.

If you believe your child is a victim of medical malpractice, let Eileen Kroll and her team at Cochran, Kroll & Associates fight for your rights. There is no obligation for an initial consultation and no attorney fee is ever charged unless a monetary recovery is made.

The Law Offices of Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. is dedicated to representing individuals and families who have suffered catastrophic losses as a result of injuries, disabilities and death. The firm does not represent insurance companies or corporations but instead bases its practice upon representing individuals and families.


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