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Auto Accident Lawyers in Clinton

Car accident injury law in Michigan is complex, in part thanks to No-Fault Insurance laws. If you’ve been injured in an accident in Michigan, your options for paying your medical bills may be more complicated than you think. While Personal Injury Protection (PIP) plans may cover medical bills, there are cases where passengers or pedestrians are not covered.

Car accident victims who aren’t covered by insurance, or who are having difficulties with their insurance company, need to reach out for legal help from personal injury attorneys as soon as possible. Personal injury claims in Michigan are governed by an intricate web of legal issues, and accidents involving negligent drivers are not always straightforward.

Medical Bills and Other Benefits

Typically, no-fault insurance will cover the driver and passengers in a given car, unless the passengers have insurance of their own. However, there are situations where the driver or owner of a car is uninsured and the passengers are not aware, or their insurance doesn’t cover enough. In these cases, passengers may have to file a claim with the Michigan Assigned Claims Facility for help with paying medical bills.

Complicated situations can also arise when the at-fault driver is from out of state, or if the accident was caused by a drunk driver or other negligent parties. While your insurance company may still cover significant amounts of your medical bills, you will need an attorney to help sort through the next steps.

PIP plans can also pay for up to 85% of lost wages for up to three years, as well as up to $20 per day for “replacement services” for household chores. Like any claim, though, these lost wages and other costs must be properly documented.

Pursuing a Case

If you’re struggling with medical bills due to a car accident, you may be able to collect compensation from an insurance company other than your own. Also, Michigan allows for pain and suffering compensation if you’re suffering from life-altering permanent injuries or disfigurement after an accident.

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