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Birth Injury Lawyer in Ann Arbor

There are few more potentially devastating events in our lives than an injury happening to our baby during labor or delivery or as a result of mistakes during prenatal care. When there is a breach in the duty of medical care that causes personal injury to the mother and child, or to either, then usually the last thing on our minds is a medical malpractice suit.

But there will come a point when you need to consider the medical costs incurred as a result of that malpractice, as well as the likely ongoing costs for further medical treatment and, in some cases, the need for specialized personal care, perhaps for the rest of the child’s life. When that day comes, you want to know that you have retained the best birth injury attorneys in Ann Arbor to represent you and fight your corner.

Types of Injury

There are many different types of birth injury that can result from medical errors or malpractice. Many of them result from a lack of oxygen during birth, especially when the baby is in the birth canal. This form of birth trauma is one of the causes of cerebral palsy and can be caused by the umbilical cord being wrapped round the baby’s neck during the birth.

But birth injuries can be caused by events during pregnancy itself, not just during labor. If a medical professional fails to spot problems or fetal distress during your pregnancy and this resulted in injury to the baby, then that is also a form of medical malpractice. Or if you were given a wrong medication – or the wrong dose of the correct medication – then the pharmacist may be liable for a medical malpractice claim.

Proving a Claim

Birth injury cases can be notoriously difficult to pursue. Law firms have to prove that the medical professional the claim is filed against has failed in their duty of care and that this failure was the actual and proximate cause of the injuries your baby suffered.

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