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Birth Injury Lawyer in Detroit

When our child is born and has suffered some form of birth injuries, then our initial reaction is to be emotionally traumatized. Our first thoughts lie with the infant and we want to know the prognosis and what needs the baby may have in the long term. It may be only later that our thoughts turn to liability and identifying medical negligence as the cause, whether at the prenatal stage or during labor and delivery.

Where medical malpractice is the cause of any birth trauma, then we want to make sure that we engage the best birth injury attorneys available. Birth injury cases are about far more than making any liable party pay, they are more about ensuring that the medical and care needs of the child will always be met.

Some Common Birth Injuries

Although the causes of birth trauma can occur at any stage of pregnancy, the majority of errors happen during the final stages of labor and delivery. Brain injury in a newborn is often caused by oxygen deprivation and reduced blood flow but can also be caused by over physicality during delivery, poor use of delivery tools such as forceps, delaying a Caesarean section, or medical staff failing to notice the fetus is in distress.

Cerebral palsy can result from brain damage at birth, as can milder conditions such as ADHD. Other common birth injuries include ones related to nerve damage such as Erb’s palsy which affects the infant’s upper arm. Erb’s palsy is a form of brachial plexus injury and other types can see effects extend to the hand or shoulder.

One of the most devastating birth injuries that can occur is spinal cord damage. While infant spinal cord injuries only account for some 5% of all spinal cord injuries in the U.S., they can have profound and lifelong effects on the child’s life as they may suffer widespread paralysis and will need constant personal care.

Whatever the type of birth trauma that has happened, you need experienced attorneys from a law firm based in Detroit, MI. You want legal advice from a team experienced in this area of law and with a proven track record in pursuing medical malpractice claims.

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