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Birth Injury Lawyer in Grand Rapids

Being given the news that your baby has suffered a birth injury is perhaps the most traumatic information a parent can receive. Knowing that medical negligence was the cause of any birth trauma can be confusing as we expect the highest standards from the medical professionals who provide medical care. But as with any profession, errors and negligence do happen, and when there has been a breach in the duty of care that has led to any injury, then we want to know that someone will be held liable.

Having an experienced birth injury attorney with a proven track record represent you means that some of your stress and worry may be reduced. Pursuing a medical malpractice case can be complicated but it is necessary to ensure those responsible are brought to account and, more importantly, that all medical and care expenses for your child will be covered.

Cause and Effect

The cause of a birth injury condition can happen at any point during pregnancy but are most frequent during the labor and delivery process. Mistakes can be made by your own physician in failing to identify potential health risks for the fetus. They may be made by a pharmacist giving you the wrong dosage of a medication. But it is with the team attending you in the final stages where most errors occur.

If the attending doctor is over physical in handling the baby, or if they use delivery instruments such as forceps improperly, then this can not only cause minor bruising but may also lead to conditions such as Infant Torticollis or Ptosis. But blunt force trauma during delivery may also lead to extremely serious birth injuries such as a spinal cord injury which may include partial or total paralysis. Oxygen deprivation is another common factor in birth trauma and may lead to mild or severe brain damage.

It is important to know that pursuing a medical malpractice case is not just about obtaining justice. It is about making the liable party or parties – through their insurance companies – pay reasonable compensation to cover any medical and care expenses you will incur for your child. Having a good personal injury lawyer from a law firm experienced in this area of the law can help achieve a positive outcome.

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