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Birth Injury Lawyer in Lansing

Although we expect the highest standards of care from medical professionals, sometimes things go wrong and errors or medical negligence can lead to traumatic and devastating circumstances. Birth injury cases can be stressful for all concerned but it is important that not only are those responsible for medical malpractice held accountable but also that families receive the compensation they deserve.

Having personal injury attorneys pursue a claim on your behalf can be essential in ensuring that any present and future medical bills will be covered. When birth trauma leads to a severe condition, the infant may need lifelong care and medical treatment. Some of that care will likely need to be specialized and bills can soon mount up.

Lifelong Conditions Means Lifelong Care
Around 76 birth injuries happen every single day in the U.S. While some of them may be relatively minor and will not need much further medical treatment, many can have extremely serious repercussions on the child’s life and the family’s life. If a condition affects the child for the rest of their life, then not only may they need regular and ongoing medical treatment, but they may also need constant and specialized care.

Among some of the most serious conditions resulting from birth trauma are cerebral palsy, brain damage, and spinal cord injuries. All three of these conditions are ones that will vastly reduce the child’s quality of life. The family also has to make major changes to ensure that the child receives the best care possible. There may also be a need – especially when mobility is restricted – to make special adaptations to the family’s house and vehicle. All these factors need to be taken into consideration when your birth injury attorney presents their case.

When you choose a law firm, you want one with extensive experience in this practice area of law. You want legal advice based on that experience and knowledge of personal injury law and birth injury cases. Seeing our lawyers rating when you look in the lawyer’s directory for the area around Lansing Michigan will show you that we are one of the best in the state.

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