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Brain Injury Lawyer in Lansing

Brain Injury Lawyer in Lansing

Although mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI) may only affect your brain cells temporarily, more serious TBIs can lead to life-long complications and in some cases even death.

Lifelong complications include the inability to work, restriction of your natural movement, changes in personality, torn tissue, internal bleeding, and physical damage to the brain.

These complications, while not necessarily life-threatening, can negatively affect your life in many ways.

TBIs and Financial Compensation

Depending on the specifics of your brain injury case, you may be entitled to financial compensation to make up for lost wages in addition to reimburse your past, present, and future medical costs.

TBIs and Disability Benefits

If you are unable to work as a result of your traumatic brain injury, you have a very good chance of receiving Social Security Disability benefits. But a diagnosis itself is not sufficient. Successful disability claims prove the severity, estimated duration, and debilitating effects of your condition.

Additional factors unrelated to your injury, such as work history, are also important factors in your application and can affect the SSA’s final decision.

Our team of disability benefits and personal injury lawyers will support you throughout the entire application and appeals process. Once your initial application has been approved, we will continue to stay in touch with you to ensure your long-term disability payments are protected.

TBIs and Wrongful Death Suits

If your loved one’s head injury was misdiagnosed or they did not receive the proper treatment for their injuries, you may be able to open a wrongful death claim. Likewise, if a loved one’s medical caregivers ignored symptoms or complaints of TBI symptoms, their passing may be categorized as wrongful death.

One of the most important factors for wrongful death claims is proving the death could have been prevented, assuming the brain injury was actually handled correctly.

Our wrongful death attorneys can help you determine if you have a case during one of our free consultations and will fight to protect the next-of-kin or beneficiaries’ rights.

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