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Bus Accident Lawyer in Canton

If you’re looking for a lawyer after an accident involving a bus, you’ve landed in the right place.

Who is Responsible for No-Fault Benefits?

Individuals who are injured in an accident involving a bus are entitled to no-fault insurance benefits, which include coverage of medical expenses, lost wages, attendant care, and other services you may need while you recover.

In a no-fault process, the injured party files a claim with his or her insurance company. If the injured party does not have no-fault insurance (i.e. does not own a vehicle), Michigan law says that the delivery of basic no-fault PIP benefits is the responsibility of one of the following insurance companies, in priority order:

  • A spouse or relative’s no-fault insurance policy
  • The insurer of the owner/registrant of the vehicle (i.e. if you were injured when riding on a bus, this would be the insurance company insuring the owner/registrant of the bus)
  • The insurer of the bus operator, if you were injured on a bus where the owner and registrant of the bus are not insured
  • The Michigan Assigned Claims Plan (MACP), which is administered by the Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility (MAIPF)

For minor injuries, this no-fault Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage is usually sufficient, but sometimes it isn’t.

Are You Seriously Injured?

If you’re seriously injured, Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. is a personal injury law firm you can provide you with sound legal advice and counsel to be sure your settlement is fair and meets your needs now, and in the future. Senior Partner Eileen Kroll specializes in medical cases, and her training as a Registered Nurse can help you understand your injuries from both a medical and legal perspective — as well as assemble the kind of testimony and evidence that leads to a successful settlement or litigation process.

There are limits to no-fault coverage, and some accident victims have a lot of medical bills to pay for as far into the future as they can see. Will you be able to return to the same job when you recover? Will you be able to return to work at all? Are you facing permanent disability?

Don’t Wait

Michigan law dictates that a person injured in a bus crash must file for no-fault PIP benefits within one year of the accident. A personal injury claim must be filed within three years of the accident.

However, if a claim is to be made against one of the 82 public transit providers operating in Michigan — like the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AAATA) — the claimant must submit written notice to the bus company within 60 days of the accident.

We can meet with you at your convenience to discuss your situation. After this free consultation, if we decide to work together, it will be on a contingency fee agreement. This means we don’t get paid until we achieve a settlement for you.

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