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Whether you were a passenger on the bus, in another vehicle, or a pedestrian, an attorney can help you recover both medical and nonmedical damages.

It Can Get Complicated, Fast

If you have sustained only minor injuries in the bus accident, no-fault personal injury protection (PIP) insurance — either your own or from another responsible party — could be all the coverage you need.

But even the most simple and straightforward claim can become complicated when the injured party doesn’t carry personal no-fault insurance (i.e. doesn’t own a vehicle). In these situations, the no-fault PIP insurance claim could be filed with the insurer of one of several possible responsible parties.

If you are seriously injured, you will need the assistance of an attorney to recover compensation for damages beyond your basic medical expenses. How will you pay your medical bills in the future? Will you be able to work at the same job when you recover from your injuries? Will you be able to return to work at all? Are you facing permanent disability?

Cochran, Kroll & Associates P.C. can meet with you any time, at your convenience, for a free consultation. Depending on your situation and injuries, the recent (2019) changes to coverage limits in Michigan’s no-fault legislation could affect how you decide to proceed.

What Kind of “Bus”?

In Michigan, there are different vehicle inspection requirements — as well as different insurance liability coverage requirements — for different types of vehicles.

For limousines with a seating capacity of 1 to 9 passengers, the owner must have a bodily injury and property damage liability insurance with a minimum combined single limit of $1 million for all persons injured or for property damage.

For School Buses and Commercial Transit Buses (over 15 passengers) the owner must have bodily injury and property damage liability insurance with a minimum combined single limit of $5 million for all persons injured or for property damage for each bus. A motor carrier of passengers must also maintain personal protection insurance and property protection insurance as required by the state insurance code (Act 218 of 1956).

What about 9-15 passenger vehicles? It’s complicated, and an experienced attorney can best advise you as to your rights and potential payouts.

Don’t Wait

And don’t sign anything from any insurance company until you consult with an attorney. Michigan law dictates that a person injured in a bus crash must file for no-fault PIP benefits within one year of the accident. A personal injury claim must be filed within three years of the accident.

However, if a claim is to be made against one of the 82 public transit providers operating in Michigan — like the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) — the claimant must submit written notice to the bus company within 60 days of the accident.

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