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Michigan Road Rage Accident Lawyers

Michigan Road Rage Accident Lawyers

Road rage incidents are more than aggressive driving — they threaten your safety and peace of mind. Official data reports that 1% of fatal crashes in 2021 were due to road rage.

However, other aggressive driving tactics, such as tailgating, cutting other drivers off, or speeding, often lead to accidents, causing damage to persons or property. For example, speed-related crashes made up 29% of all traffic fatalities in 2021.

If you’re involved in a road rage accident, you may be able to file for compensation from the aggressive driver. Our Michigan road rage accident lawyers at Cochran, Kroll, & Associates, P.C., are familiar with the state’s insurance and traffic laws. We can use our experience and legal skills to help you win a fair settlement for your injuries.

What Is Road Rage?

Road rage refers to the aggressive behavior some drivers exhibit while on the road, resulting from frustration or perceived slights from other motorists. It can range from verbal outbursts to more dangerous actions like tailgating or physical confrontations.

Several factors can trigger road rage, including traffic delays or personal stressors. Sometimes misunderstandings between drivers can escalate emotions, making aggressive driving tactics like cutting them off or swerving between lanes more likely.

While not every driver experiences or acts on these feelings, being aware of the potential for road rage and practicing patience can promote safer roads for everyone.

Example of Road Rage Behaviors

Road rage crashes often stem from aggressive behaviors exhibited by other drivers. Unlike accidents caused by negligence, road rage accidents result from intentional acts meant to intimidate or harm others.

Some common acts of road rage and aggressive driving that intimidate, harass, or provoke another driver include:

  • Cutting off other drivers with abrupt lane changes without using signals
  • Driving at excessive speeds well above the posted limits
  • Tailgating closely behind other vehicles
  • Weaving in and out of traffic recklessly
  • Forcing a vehicle to slow down by abruptly moving in front of it
  • Honking horn aggressively
  • Flashing headlights or bright lights
  • Engaging in hand gestures and shouting at other drivers creating a hostile and unsafe driving environment
  • Throwing objects from the vehicle at other cars
  • Attempting to force another vehicle off the road
  • Intentionally preventing another vehicle from changing lanes or merging, using your vehicle to block the way
  • Engaging in a physical confrontation with another driver, either while stopped at a traffic signal or after pulling over
  • In extreme cases, using a weapon to threaten or harm another driver
  • Using your vehicle as a weapon to cause harm, either by ramming into another car or by forcing a collision

Why Is Road Rage So Dangerous for Other Drivers?

Road rage poses a threat to other drivers on the road, leading to accidents, injuries, and even fatalities.

According to The Zebra’s 2021 analysis of driving behaviors among 1,500 Americans, 45.4% observed drivers angrily honking their horns, while 38.9% witnessed rude hand gestures. The most enraging behaviors included distracted driving, tailgating, and cutting off other drivers. Road rage-related fatalities surged from 80 in 2006 to 467 in 2015—a 500% increase in 9 years.

Michigan’s road rage law covers reckless driving, making it a serious offense. If a driver’s reckless and aggressive actions result in personal injury to another, they are not only responsible for the damages they cause in a civil claim; they can also spend up to 5 years in prison. If the accident results in a death, this can increase to 15 years imprisonment.

Compensation After a Road Rage Accident

How We Can Help You Receive Compensation After a Road Rage Accident?

Road rage incidents can be terrifying and lead to serious injuries or damage. If you’re injured in a road rage collision, our road rage accident lawyers in Michigan at Cochran, Kroll, & Associates, P.C. can help with your case. With our experience in road rage accident cases, you can rely on your attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Our road rage car accident lawyers can represent you in the following ways:

  • Case evaluation. We will review the specifics of the incident to determine the validity of your claim, taking into account the unique elements of road rage behavior and its implications under Michigan law. Our team can help you receive Michigan no-fault benefits no matter who was at fault or pursue a third-party claim or lawsuit, depending on your case.
  • Evidence collection. We can help you gather evidence for your no-fault insurance or third-party claim. This involves getting photographs of the scene, securing statements from witnesses, accessing any available surveillance camera footage, and obtaining police reports.
  • Medical documentation. We can help you collect records of medical treatments, injuries, and related expenses. This ensures you have the right medical reports and documents to support your accident claim.
    Our partner attorney and registered nurse, Eileen Kroll, can review your medical files to understand your injuries. Her medical training helps ensure an accurate assessment of your damages, including current and future treatment costs and your injuries’ impact on your daily life.
  • Collaboration with experts. We may consult specialists like accident reconstructionists, medical personnel, or psychologists to prove your case. This collaborative approach can increase the evidential strength of your claim, helping you win maximum compensation.
  • Negotiating with insurance companies. Insurance entities might try to minimize your payout or deny the claim. We can negotiate on your behalf for a fair settlement for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
  • Litigation. We will take the case to court if an out-of-court settlement is not reached. We will handle every phase of the litigation process, from the lawsuit’s initiation to representing you during the trial.

Choose Our Road Rage Accident Lawyers to Represent You After a Collision

Having the right legal team to represent your interests in the aftermath of a road rage collision is vital. When dealing with recovery from serious injuries, it can be challenging to think about gathering evidence and filing an insurance claim.

Our Michigan road rage accident lawyers at Cochran, Kroll, & Associates, P.C. understand what road rage accident victims face after a collision. We can help you navigate the complex claims process, protect your rights, and seek the highest compensation possible for your case.

Working with road rage accident lawyers near you gives you local legal representation to file a winning claim. With our help, you can begin rebuilding your life after a road rage-induced crash.

Our contingency fee basis means we only get paid if we win your case, so there is no financial risk to you to get started. Call our law firm today at (1-866-779-7331) and schedule your no-obligation, free case evaluation.

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What should I do immediately after a road rage accident?

Immediately following a road rage accident, ensure your safety by moving to a secure location if possible. Call the police to report the incident, and seek medical attention if there are any injuries. Document the scene with photos and witness statements as they can be crucial evidence for your case. Consult with a lawyer to understand your legal options.

What kind of evidence is vital in a road rage accident case?

In a road rage accident case, vital evidence includes photographs of the accident scene, vehicle damage, and any injuries sustained. Witness statements, police reports, and any available video footage, such as dashcam or surveillance recordings, can bolster your case. Documenting any aggressive behaviors or exchanges that led to the incident is also beneficial.

Can I still file a claim if I was partially at fault in the road rage incident?

Yes, you can still file a claim if you were partially at fault in a road rage incident in Michigan, thanks to the state’s modified comparative negligence laws. However, your compensation might be reduced by the percentage of your fault in the accident.


Getting The Help You Need For a Michigan Car Accident

An auto accident lawyer at Michigan’s top-rated law firm, Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C., will share with you information and advice that you won’t get from your insurance agent.

Victims of car accidents in Michigan can receive the maximum damages possible by relying on the expertise and trial experience of the car accident lawyers at the law firm of Cochran, Kroll & Associates.

If you believe you are a victim, let the attorneys experienced in car accident law at Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. take on your case and fight for your rights. We offer a free consultation, and there is no obligation for car accident case evaluation. There is also no fee charged unless a recovery is made. Make an appointment today by filling out the interest form on our website.

Michigan Car Accident No-Fault Law Changes

Terry Cochran explains where we are today with Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance and the benefits of the current structure: “Since 1973, Michigan has had one of the most progressive no-fault laws. We have guarantees for accident victims that medical bills and full care will be covered for life.”

“Proposed changes will limit access to medical care providers and limit the amount of money available for car accident victims. The lowest coverage is $500,000. In the case of a catastrophic injury, that amount will be spent within the first six weeks.”

The elderly are particularly vulnerable. Seniors do not want to be a burden to their families, and it’s pretty clear that Medicare just won’t have funds to cover these expenses.

The insurance companies say the changes will allow for lower insurance premiums, but they make no commitments. Proponents of the proposed changes have a legitimate claim that medical and care expenses need more controls. Cochran, Kroll & Associates supports increased oversight of medical services and believes we need a more thorough review of services and goods by the medical community.

The Law Offices of Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. is dedicated to representing individuals and families who have suffered catastrophic losses due to injuries, disabilities, and death. The firm does not represent insurance companies or corporations but instead bases its practice upon representing individuals and families.


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