Construction Site Accident Lawyer in Dearborn
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Construction Site Accident Lawyer in Dearborn

Even with strict health and safety regulations in place, construction sites remain a dangerous place to work. Construction injuries are common, so much so that the industry accounts for the highest number of workplace fatalities in Michigan.

The causes of these accidents can range from product liability to the fault of the property owners. The consequences can be just as varied, spanning the spectrum from a minor sprain to a traumatic brain injury – although these are more common in automobile accidents. Loved ones might even need estate planning following accidental deaths.

If you’ve suffered an injury and need legal services to file a lawsuit, reach out to the law offices of Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. We serve the Dearborn, MI injured worker community, and we have construction accident lawyers ready to help.

Construction Site Accident Lawyer in Dearborn

Workers’ Compensation

Michigan law requires all construction industry businesses to establish some form of Workers’ Compensation insurance. This insurance is a no-fault system, meaning that it provides benefits even if the accident was the worker’s fault.

This system typically covers medical and rehabilitation expenses. If you’re off work for at least eight days, wage loss benefits are paid out at a rate of 80% of your after-tax weekly salary. However, this benefit doesn’t include overtime hours, tips, or any other form of bonus payment.

Sometimes, insurance companies cut off benefits or argue the injury claim. In these cases, a personal injury attorney or Construction Site Accident Lawyer in Dearborn can help you receive the benefits you are entitled to and deserve.

What Lawsuit Can You File?

One restriction placed by this compensation system is that it becomes impossible for you to file a claim against the employer for your injury.

The civil suit is another option you can pursue if you feel that the current compensation you’re receiving isn’t adequate. For instance, if a co-worker’s actions somehow led to your injury, you could file a suit against them.

This can apply to any third-party that does not directly employ you. Any group, people, or companies who work on or supply a construction site can be sued if you can demonstrate that they caused an injury because of their action (or inaction).

You can also file a product liability claim against the equipment manufacturer if the accident resulted from broken or faulty equipment.

Typically, these personal injury claims should be made alongside claims for Workers’ Compensation benefits, as receiving benefits from one does not preclude you from receiving the other.

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