Construction Site Accident Lawyer in Warren
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Construction Site Accident Lawyer in Warren

Construction workers brave dangerous conditions daily to provide core services to the communities they work in. Due to the nature of their work, they are often exposed to more hazards and potential opportunities to get injured. If you’ve been injured on a construction site, consider hiring a construction accident lawyer to help you get maximum compensation.

Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. can provide legal services to anyone injured on the job in Warren, Michigan. Whether it’s a slip and fall or a traumatic brain injury, our Construction Site Accident Lawyer in Warren can help sort through the legal issues and get you compensation for your injuries.

Construction Site Accident Lawyer in Warren

Michigan Safety Standards

The state has in-depth safety standards in place for construction sites in addition to federal rules set by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. These standards may be relevant in a legal case, as they provide a metric by which an employer’s safety practices can be measured.

Michigan’s state plan, known as MIOSHA, has many of the same guidelines as federal regulations. Some of the safety concerns that MIOSHA addresses include boilers and pressure vessels, first aid, hazard communication, and the implementation of personal protective equipment.

An experienced Construction Site Accident Lawyer in Warren at our law office can determine how these standards apply to your case.

The Types of Claims

After considering whether your company met safety regulations, you next have to consider what type of claim you want to file. You can’t file a claim directly against your employer because of workers’ compensation laws, barring a failure to meet safety standards.

The most common type of claim made by injured workers is for workers’ compensation benefits. They must be filed within two years of your injury, and the injury has to be reported to your employer within 90 days. Once approved 80% of after-tax wages will be paid after eight days off. Medical expenses will also be covered.

Our personal injury lawyers can negotiate with the insurance company if they dispute the claim or offer low benefit payouts.

Third-party civil claims are another option that can be pursued alongside workers’ comp claims. If your accident was caused by an outside party that is not your employer, you could pursue a suit against them. For example, this could be a coworker or a contractor who fails to ensure that common areas are safe.

You can also file a product liability claim if the accident was caused by defective machinery. In these cases, the manufacturers can be held liable for your pain and suffering, medical bills for suffered injuries, and lost income.

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