Dental Malpractice Attorney in Grand Rapids
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Dental Malpractice Attorney in Grand Rapids

Many Americans deal with a fear of visiting the dentist, and if medical malpractice occurs, it can be a traumatic experience. Even if you consented to the procedure, you should seek legal advice if the dentist has committed malpractice.

Dental Malpractice Attorney in Grand Rapids

In these situations, it can be challenging to prove dental negligence on your own. An experienced law firm in Grand Rapids, like Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C., can take the pressure off you so you can focus on your recovery while still pursuing a malpractice claim.

Proving Dental Malpractice

Hiring a personal injury attorney is the best course of action when dealing with a dental malpractice case. To win compensation in a dental malpractice case, four things must be proven.

  • The dentist had a duty to the patient to deliver a specific standard of care (provable through appointment records).
  • That standard of care wasn’t met while the dentist was providing you care.
  • You, the patient, were caused undue harm because the dentist failed to provide this care.
  • You incurred damages as a result.

To prove these points, Dental Malpractice Attorney in Grand Rapids will need to examine your dental records, medical bills, x-rays, and follow-up visits with other medical professionals.

Malpractice constitutes a wide range of actions that can include errors during surgery or failure to diagnose a problem that leads to further complications.

How to Proceed

If you suspect you are a victim of dental malpractice, you’ll want to get in touch with a Dental Malpractice Attorney in Grand Rapids immediately to ensure you file your claim within the statute of medical malpractice limitations. In Michigan, this is a two-year window from the time the malpractice occurred or six months from the time of discovery.

Filing your claim involves extensive paperwork and concrete evidence, so it’s best to get moving on your case as quickly as possible to meet the deadlines.

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At Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C., our experienced team of injury lawyers understands that filing a claim is a strenuous process for individuals who are already dealing with the medical complications of malpractice. That’s why we are eager to help remove the legal burden from your shoulders.

Our senior partner, Eileen Kroll, is also a registered nurse who can interpret your medical records to build the strongest case possible. Contact us today for a free consultation at 866-MICH-LAW and get the compensation you deserve.


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