Dental Malpractice Attorney in Sterling Heights
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Dental Malpractice Attorney in Sterling Heights

Going into the dentist is something that can make many people anxious. In addition to the common fears of dental procedures, dental malpractice is another concern.

If the dentist performs a procedure incorrectly or otherwise causes you harm, you may have grounds for a dental malpractice claim. It can be challenging to gather records and witness accounts that prove someone committed malpractice on your own.

Contacting a law firm with experience in malpractice law like Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C., can be an instrumental step to filing a strong claim, particularly if you live in the Sterling Heights, Michigan area that we serve.

Dental Malpractice Attorney in Sterling Heights

What is Malpractice?

Malpractice brings to mind wrongful deaths, medical negligence, failures to diagnose, and an inability to meet the appropriate standard of care. Malpractice simply refers to any harm caused to the patient by a physician or someone they supervise intentionally or unintentionally failing to follow best care practices.

Dental malpractice might take the specific form of improper extractions that result in nerve damage, incorrect administration of anesthesia, or the extraction of the wrong tooth. This is not too different from surgical errors, which also relate to specific procedure and surgical mix-ups.

Elements of a Case

Regardless of where the malpractice was committed, medical malpractice attorneys are an essential intermediary in helping you get compensated for the pain and suffering that negligent medical professionals have subjected you to.

Dental malpractice lawyers have to demonstrate the following:

  • The dental professional had a duty to you as a patient, which can usually be demonstrated with appointment records
  • The dentist failed in their duty to you during your care
  • This failure must lead to some form of harm
  • The harm must result in economic or non-economic damages

Essentially, you and your Dental Malpractice Attorney in Sterling Heights have to prove that the dentist caused an injury or exacerbated an existing condition through care that was substandard compared to how a similarly-skilled dentist would have provided treatment.

How a Malpractice Attorney at Our Law Firm can Help

We can evaluate how strong your case is, collect evidence, gather expert testimony, negotiate with insurance companies, and even file the medical malpractice case in court.

You should also file a claim promptly. The Michigan statute of limitations requires a medical practice lawsuit to be filed two years from the date of the health care provider’s actions, or within six months of when harm was discovered.

Contact Our Law Office to Arrange a Free Consultation

If you believe you are a victim of dental malpractice and are located in Sterling Heights, MI, reach out to law offices of Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C., at 866-MICH-LAW for an initial consultation. As Dental Malpractice Attorney in Sterling Heights, we have years of experience litigating in this area. Together, we can fight for the compensation you deserve.


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