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Hip Replacement Lawyers in Dearborn

Each year, tens of thousands of Americans undergo hip replacement surgery in order to ease hip joint pain and improve their mobility and general quality of life. For many, the surgery is successful and without incident. For others, hip replacement surgery results in a whole new set of symptoms and problems.

Hip Replacement Lawyers in Dearborn

Hip replacements typically fail because of a physician’s error or a faulty device. If you are experiencing difficulty or discomfort with your hip replacement or you’ve been told you need revision surgery, you should know your legal options.

The law firm of Cochran, Kroll, and Associates, P.C., can help you understand your case and your rights. Our nurse attorney and lead counsel, Eileen Kroll can review your case and help you to pursue full and fair compensation.

Physician Error and Medical Malpractice

One of the leading causes of unsuccessful hip replacement surgery is physician error. You may have received an improper initial physical exam or diagnosis. The fast-growing hip replacement industry can attract inadequately trained surgeons willing to take a risk with untested procedures. And surgical errors can occur at the hands of the most dedicated and experienced physicians.

Medical malpractice claims are complicated and vary from state to state. In Michigan, statute of limitation laws require claimants to file within two years of a problematic surgery or within six months of discovering adverse symptoms. It is essential to consult with a Hip Replacement Lawyers in Dearborn with hip replacement case experience to help you manage the laws’ intricacies.

Medical Product Manufacturer Liability

Many are surprised to find the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t always require testing of medical device implants. Lax regulations have led to many recalls.

In 2010, Johnson and Johnson, manufacturer of some of the best-selling hip replacement devices like the Depuy ASR, began a voluntary recall in response to complaints that their metal-on-metal hip implants were defective. In 2019, the company finally resolved most of the related lawsuits for nearly $1 billion.

Since 2010, several additional hip replacement and ASR hip resurfacing devices have been recalled, and patients don’t have to prove negligence on the part of the manufacturer to receive compensation. Our seasoned team of legal professionals have a thorough and current understanding of all problematic hip replacement devices and can help you determine whether or not you qualify for compensation.

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If you or a loved one reside in Dearborn, MI, or the surrounding areas and are experiencing difficulty or have been told you need revision surgery, contact our Hip Replacement Lawyers in Dearborn to discuss your legal issues and options. Cochran, Kroll, and Associates, P.C., has extensive knowledge of and experience with hip replacement cases, and we’re here to help.

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