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Hip Replacement Lawyers in Flint

Hip replacement systems were once experimental surgeries. Today, they are standard procedures that help anyone with hip problems. They can differ widely in terms of medical device composition, with designs ranging from metal-on-polyethylene to ceramic-on-ceramic. A hip replacement’s ultimate goal is to restore mobility and relieve pain associated with arthritis and other hip diseases or injuries.

Historically, there have been many lawsuits centered around hip replacement systems. Like the DePuy ASR hip replacement, several devices had severe issues that impaired their function while causing a whole new host of afflictions.

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Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. can assist with failing hip replacement systems and litigation around slip and fall claims that may have caused the injury. When accidental injuries can result in long-term disabilities, it’s essential to get legal help so you can receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Michigan gives you two years from the date of injury to file a lawsuit in a metal hip recall case.

Hip Replacement Lawyers in flint

Common Problems

There are risks associated with any surgery, and hip replacements are no exception. Blood clots and infections can occur due to the procedure, so antibiotics and blood-thinning medications may be needed. Fractures that require further stabilization with wires and screws can also occur. Even the length of your leg could change – although this is a problem you’re unlikely to notice after a few months of acclimating post-surgery.

The most common complication of hip replacement occurs when the installed joint becomes loose. This can lead to pain and a feeling that the joint is unstable, but it usually only happens years after the surgery.

In these cases, you may still qualify to file a hip replacement claim under the law of discovery, which starts the statute of limitations clock to when the defect is first discovered. However, a judge needs to approve this timeline, and an experienced Hip Replacement Lawyers in Flint can help you prove your case.

Metal Poisoning

Metal-on-metal hip implants that use entirely metallic designs pose a risk of metallosis, a metal poisoning type. When the metal parts rub against each other, it causes microscopic metal particles to be released into the blood and surrounding tissues.

These metal ions build up in the bone, muscle, and other tissue located around the implant. The build-up of metals like cobalt can cause hormonal issues with the thyroid, vision problems, tinnitus, and even cardiomyopathy, a condition where the heart becomes oversized and has trouble pumping blood.

Symptoms of metal poisoning include hip or groin pain, numbness, swelling, weakness, audible sounds from the implant, and a shift in your ability to walk. You may also notice skin, heart, kidney, or nervous system conditions before experiencing more localized symptoms.

To treat metallosis, revision surgery is usually required to replace the implant. If you have to get this done because of a manufacturer problem, seek legal counsel from Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. Together, we can discuss what issues have arisen as a result of your faulty hip replacement and your legal options.

Post Surgery

Even after revision surgery, symptoms may not immediately fade. It is common to notice pain immediately following the procedure, with 18% of hip resurfacing patients reporting groin pain following the surgery. Don’t suffer alone. Eileen Kroll, our nurse attorney can advise you on the legal steps to take based on your health following hip replacement surgery.

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