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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Grand Rapids

If you live in Grand Rapids and ride a motorcycle, then you know that while it can be an extremely fun pursuit, it can also be a very dangerous one. Michigan’s roads saw nearly 200 motorcycle accident fatalities and over 2,000 injuries in 2018 alone. With so many potential risks, including weather conditions and careless behavior by other road users, it is little surprise we see so many injuries and fatalities.

For motorcycle riders who have been involved in an accident, having a good personal injury lawyer can make a lot of difference when it comes to pursuing a claim or even dealing with insurance companies.

The Law and Insurance

Michigan has no-fault laws that require all motor vehicle users to carry a no-fault insurance policy. However, those same laws do not recognize motorcycles as motor vehicles. Instead, the law requires that motorcyclists carry a minimum liability insurance policy. As this only offers basic coverage to cover damage to property and injury or death to another party, bikers have the option of adding extra coverage in blocks of $5,000.

Michigan allows riders over the age of 21 to choose whether to wear a helmet or not. If you do decide to go this route, then you need to carry a minimum of $20,000 in medical benefits coverage as do any passengers who don’t wear a helmet.

As motorcycles offer little in the way of protection, the potential for serious injury from a motorcycle accident is far greater than in a car accident. Broken bones are common, traumatic brain injuries can occur if not wearing a helmet, spinal cord injuries are also possible, and of course, in the most tragic of circumstances, fatalities happen.

Depending on the individual case and situation, how your attorney deals with motorcycle accident cases can vary greatly. In some cases, we would give legal advice and assist you in negotiating with your insurance company. Our advice for any individual who has been injured in a motorcycle accident is to consult with a Grand Rapids motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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