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Livonia’s Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Livonia’s Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Even though private property owners have a legal duty to provide a reasonably safe environment for guests, slip and fall accidents can still happen due to negligence. These accidents can result in traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and other injuries that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost wages and medical bills.

Most private property has property insurance, so a lawsuit can get you the money you need from an insurance company, even if you’ve suffered a serious injury with huge medical expenses. Since slip and fall injury law is so complex, you need an experienced personal injury attorney to handle your case.

What You Can Win

A slip and fall lawsuit doesn’t just cover your initial hospital visit. Under Michigan state law, you could potentially win compensation for:

  • Medical expenses and physical therapy
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity if you lose the ability to work for the same wage as before
  • Pain and suffering, if your injury results in chronic pain
  • Other expenses like transportation to and from medically necessary appointments

Proving the need for all these things takes time and lots of documentation. Your personal injury law firm’s staff will work with you to gather the evidence you need to win.

Why You Need an Attorney

Insurance companies don’t want to pay any money that they don’t have to, so they will likely try to contest your claim to reduce the amount that they owe. Under Michigan law, they can try to minimize the amount they have to pay by claiming that your injury was partly your own fault.

They can also try to avoid responsibility entirely by claiming that the property owner was not negligent, and that the accident was entirely unavoidable. You need an experienced personal injury lawyer from our law firm on your side to establish the facts of the case and win.

Leading Michigan Attorneys

Premises liability and personal injury law are complex, but Cochran, Kroll and Associates, P.C. is more than up to the task. We handle cases in Livonia, Michigan and the greater Detroit Metro area. Call our law office at (866) 466-9912 to schedule your confidential free consultation.


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