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Social Security Disability Lawyers in Warren

Social Security disability programs provide disabled workers with cash benefits. If you are unable to work for at least a year due to disability, you might qualify for a federal disability program.

Social Security Disability Lawyers in Warren


You can qualify for Social Security disability benefits by meeting the requirements for one of two programs. For both, you need medical evidence that you are unable to work for at least a year due to one or more disabilities.

To qualify for the Social Security Disability Insurance program, you need to have paid into the system for at least 10 years. You pay into the system through Social Security payroll taxes. You also must be below retirement age to qualify for these benefits.

To be eligible for Supplemental Security Income, you must have an income below the federal benefit rate. In 2020, the FBR is $783 per month for individuals and $1,175 for couples.


You can begin the process of filing a disability claim online, by phone, or in-person at your local Social Security Administration office. The SSA needs information about your work and tax-paying history, as well as medical documentation about your current disability.

Many disability claims are initially rejected, but they can be appealed several times. At this stage, you should search for a disability attorney near you to help you strengthen your case.


A disability lawyer can help you build your claim initially to avoid an appeal. However, if you are faced with an appeal, you need someone who knows and understands Social Security disability laws and processes.

You can appeal unfavorable SSA decisions until you reach a federal court, usually the fourth round of appeals. Each time, you are able to present additional medical evidence that might help your case. A disability lawyer can significantly improve your chances of getting disability benefits on the first or second round of appeals.

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