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Social Security Lawyers in Michigan

Social security benefits exist to offer you financial support when you are unable to work for any reason such as injury or illness. But as with any bureaucratic system, things do not always go smoothly and there can be problems with the initial granting of benefits and with receiving the correct levels of support.

When you encounter any issues, you want to be able to call on the services of experienced disability attorneys who can offer good legal advice and who have in depth knowledge of social security disability insurance, workers’ compensation, and disability law in general.

Types of Benefits

There are two main federal programs that are relevant to workers. One is social security disability (SSD) and the other is supplemental security income (SSI).

Both of these programs are run by the Social Security Administration. SSD applies to workers who are currently unable to work but who have sufficient work credits. SSI is a program for people on low incomes who do not have sufficient work credits or who have never worked.

Why Would I Need a Social Security Disability Attorney.

Michigan has a lower success rate for initial applications for SSD than nationally. The application (which takes up to 60 days) – and the different review levels – takes time and effort, and if you do have to move to review or appeal stages, then good social security disability lawyers can make a major difference. Having an attorney work on your social security disability case significantly improves your chances of success.

If you make a social security disability claim and it is initially turned down, then your lawyer can request a hearing to review your case. The appeals process has two levels; reconsideration and hearing.

At either of these, your attorney will present further evidence of your injury or medical condition including medical records, etc. Your lawyer can also put together a detailed brief for the ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) who oversees these appeals. Your lawyer will also help you prepare your testimony for the hearings and will cross examine any expert witnesses called.

If your appeal fails at these levels, then the next stages are the Appeals Council and Federal Court. Both of these entail more detailed legal arguments and an attorney is essential.

What are the Costs?

Fees in this area of law are set by federal law. You will be charged the lesser amount of either $6,000 or 25% of received backpay. In cases where your appeal goes to the latter stages, then those costs may increase. If we do not win your case, there will be no fees.

How Long Will My Case Take?

This can vary greatly but the average time from asking for a hearing to it happening is 324 days.

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