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Spinal Injury Attorney in Dearborn

Spinal Injury Attorney in Dearborn

Your spine is one of the most critical structures in your body since it protects your spinal cord and provides support for almost all movement. If your spine is damaged in an accident, your life prospects may suddenly worsen, especially if you’re the breadwinner in your home.

Various forms of insurance often cover spinal injuries as the result of an accident, but this insurance is rarely enough. It may only cover a fraction of your total costs if your injury results in chronic pain, keeps you out of work for a long period, or is catastrophic and life-changing.

You need the most compensation possible to protect yourself and your family. Schedule a free consultation with an experienced Michigan personal injury lawyer at our law firm who can begin your personal injury case.

How Serious are Spinal Injuries?

In some cases, herniated discs and other spinal injuries are mild and can heal with help from a licensed chiropractor. Mild injuries often need rest and stretching for them to return to their previous function and strength.

However, spinal injuries from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents can be much worse. If you suffer a spinal cord injury or other injuries that reduce your mobility, you may need attendant care and specialized treatments that cause your medical bills to skyrocket. If your injury is catastrophic you may be eligible for pain and suffering compensation.

Auto accident injuries are typically covered by the victim’s insurance, in accordance with Michigan’s no-fault insurance laws. However, in serious cases, insurance companies may not cover all your long-term medical care. You may need to pursue an injury claim through another avenue, and a personal injury attorney experienced in Michigan law may be able to help.

Getting the Right Personal Injury Law Firm

Every accident or workplace injury victim is different, and law firms must pay attention to each injury victim to make sure they receive the most compensation possible. You need a hard-working and knowledgeable law firm to get the support you and your family deserve.

Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. has the combination of experience and commitment you need to maximize your chances of winning your case. Our team handles various injury case types, including workplace injuries, auto, and motorcycle accidents.

We serve Dearborn, Michigan, and the Detroit Metro area. We are committed to serving you so you can focus on recovering from your injuries. Give us a call at 866-MICH-LAW to schedule a free initial consultation.


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