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Workplace Injury Lawyer in Warren

Workplace Injury Lawyer in Warren

Injuries at work happen far too often. In Michigan, over 100,000 workplace injuries and illnesses were reported in 2018. Certain jobs tend to have more accidents, particularly those in construction or manufacturing that involve heavy machinery, but even an office worker can be injured on the job.

For many injured employees, workers’ compensation may be enough to cover medical treatment costs and lost wages. As long as you apply within two years of the accident and inform your employer within 90 days of your injury occurring, you can receive benefits that include coverage of all your medical expenses as well as 80% of your after-tax wages.

However, it’s possible that these benefits are not enough to cover all the damages you’ve suffered. In that case, while a direct claim against your employer generally cannot be pursued because of workers’ comp laws, it is possible to file a civil lawsuit with any third parties that were responsible for your accident. This claim depends on the circumstances and nature of the injury.

Most Common Workplace Accidents

Over 100 million production days were lost due to work injuries in 2017. The most common injuries are sprains, strains, and tears, followed by skeletomuscular soreness or pain, and rounded out with cuts, lacerations, and punctures.

According to the National Safety Council, the event most likely to result in lost workdays is overexertion, accounting for 33.54% of injuries. Contact with objects and equipment made up 26% of injuries, while slips, trips, and falls cause 25.8% of workplace injuries.

It’s essential to have all the details of your injury, including images of damage sustained and proof of medical treatment. Regardless of whether your injury falls within these categories or not, it may still be possible to get compensation.

Why You Need a Lawyer

A qualified personal injury attorney based in Macomb County, Warren, MI, can help you get what you deserve for the lost wages, medical bills, and other damages you’ve incurred. A worker’s compensation lawyer can walk you through the complex process of filing a claim, as well as helping to handle recalcitrant insurance companies.

If you have suffered a severe injury that is not entirely covered by your workers’ compensation payment and you have sustained emotional trauma from the incident, a personal injury lawyer can help you pursue a civil suit for remuneration for pain and suffering.

There are other reasons you should use a personal injury lawyer. A claim made for a workplace injury touches on multiple areas of the law, from employment to workers’ comp regulations, injury, and negligence. A legal expert takes a multifaceted approach to help you determine what compensation you may qualify for.

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