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Motorcycle Road Trips and Safety

Legally Reviewed and Edited by: Terry Cochran

As we all know, riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car. In fact, it has been found that you’re 27 times more likely to have a crash while on your bike, which could send you on a trip to see the doctor or a motorcycle accident lawyer. With this in mind, consider the following tips when next planning a motorcycle road trip.

Get a proper helmet

A good helmet is crucial for all riders, and you should consider whether yours meets the proper safety requirements. Firstly, think about buying a full-face helmet with a visor to protect your face. Victims of motorcycle accidents who wear open-faced style helmets often come away with facial injuries and scarring, which is easily avoided by switching to a full-face helmet. Your visor will also protect you from catching flies and other bugs while you ride. Once you’ve chosen a helmet make sure it has been approved by the DOT (Department of Transport) who will have assessed and passed the helmet for road safety.

Buy the right riding clothes

Whether you ride a sports bike or a cruiser, the right clothing is essential. Full padded leathers, gloves, and boots are usually the go-to for bikers as they offer the best overall protection. Despite this, leathers are not waterproof and can make some riders uncomfortably hot. As an alternative, you could try textile leathers, which offer you breathable fabric and protection from the rain.

Riders can also buy padded jeans and trousers, which give you the same protection but with a more fashionable look. Whatever clothing you choose, make sure you pair it with motorcycle gloves and boots as regular shoes and sneakers will not offer adequate protection.

Buy the right riding clothes

Take regular breaks

It can be tempting to ride for prolonged periods to get to your destination quicker. Taking regular breaks will ensure you remain fresh and focused while riding, and it also prevents you from getting saddle sores, which sometimes happen when you sit for a long time on your bike. While you’re stopped, consider eating or drinking something and make sure you check if your bike needs refueling.

Minimize night rides

When taking a road trip on your bike try to avoid too much riding at night. Riding across the country, particularly in Michigan, means you will encounter many long country roads that may be poorly lit at night. Riding with reduced visibility on an unfamiliar road is a recipe for disaster. An accident on a road like this would be very dangerous as medical attention could be far away and your motorcycle accident attorney might have a harder time finding witnesses if you’ve crashed in a secluded area.

Do most of your riding in the daytime to avoid unforeseen problems associated with poor visibility and for an all-around safer trip.

Defensive riding is the best offense

Many seasoned motorcycle riders will tell you being defensive on your bike is key to staying safe. Other motorists on the road are often less aware of motorcycle riders, which leads to an increase in accidents involving motorbikes. Accidents at intersections frequently happen when there is a motorbike involved. This occurs when a car turns into a bike because the driver had not seen the approaching bike. When riding towards an intersection, always be prepared to take evasive action if you see a car waiting. Control your speed appropriately in case the waiting driver makes a mistake.

Road positioning is also critical. Make sure you are always visible to the car or vehicle in front of you. Position yourself in view of the driver’s side mirror towards the left side of your lane and always pass on the left. If you are passing a line of cars, make sure you pass slowly as drivers in traffic often switch lanes without warning or using their turn signal.

Riding defensively can help you stay one step ahead of other drivers and avoid a potentially nasty accident. Of course, if the unforeseen did happen, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer at Cochran, Kroll & Associates can help you.

Overall, taking the right precautions and having proper equipment can help you stay safe on all motorbike road trips.

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