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Michigan No-Fault Insurance Changes Affect Seniors

Alan Caldwell of Everything Elderly interviewed Terry Cochran on about how changes in Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance will affect seniors:

Terry Cochran interview by

“Terry Chochran explains where we are today with Michigan No-Fault Insurance and the benefits of the current structure. Since 1973, Michigan has had one of the most progressive no-fault laws. We have guarantees for accident victims that medical bills and full care will be covered for life.

Proposed changes will limit access to medical care providers and limit the amount of money available for auto accident victims. The lowest coverage is $500,000. In the case of a catastrophic injury, that amount will be spent within the first six weeks.

The elderly are particularly vulnerable. Seniors do not want to be a burden to their families, and it’s pretty clear that Medicare just won’t have funds to cover these expenses.

The insurance companies say the changes will allow for lower insurance premiums, but they make no commitments. Proponents of the proposed changes have a legitimate claim that medical and care expenses need more controls. Terry is supportive of increased oversight of medical services. Better reviews by the medical community of services and goods is appropriate and needed.”

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