Truck Accident Statistics in Michigan
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Truck Accident Statistics: Michigan

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There are innumerable ways that a truck driving on one of the many highways can end up in an accident with another truck, a passenger vehicle, or even with a pedestrian who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because of the general severity of most truck accidents, a truck accident lawyer will eventually be involved to assist the victims in sorting out the responsibility and compensation as a result of the event.

A truck, 18-wheeler, or other large commercial vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when they are barrelling down the highway at speeds of from 55-80 mph, and this sobering fact sheds light on really how dangerous the job of driving a truck is, and how small miscalculations can lead to highway catastrophe and death. Truck drivers not only need to be aware of the capabilities and limitations of the large truck that they are driving, but they also need to be able to respond to the sometimes-unpredictable driving habits of people in cars who can maneuver their vehicles faster and more quickly.

Types of Truck Accidents

Most people are aware of the many different types of trucks that are on today’s highways. Many of the drivers of these trucks have taken extra training and have the experience needed to navigate the roads with these large vehicles, but more recently there has been a shortage of truck drivers, and as a result, younger and less experienced operators are often the reason there are more accidents involving trucks. If you are in a passenger car and an accident due to poor driver decision making it is in your best interest to contact an auto accident lawyer at our law firm to conduct a thorough investigation.

Some of the more common types of accidents recorded in Michigan are head-on collisions with both trucks and passenger vehicles, rear-end collisions, and jack-knife accidents when the driver loses control of the truck and the trailer causing the trailer to continue at full speed while the cab is trying to stop. Jack-knife accidents can be devastating because the tractor and trailer can actually sweep down the entire width of the highway impacting any other vehicles they encounter.

Other types of accidents include vehicles sliding underneath trailers, center-line crossover collisions, lane change collisions, and right-hand squeeze accidents where a driver attempts to pass a truck on the right not realizing that the truck driver is making a wide turn. All these examples can cause many thousands of dollars of damage to the vehicles involved, the highways and adjoining buildings, and of course, cause physical harm to the people in the other cars and trucks.

Truck Accident


According to the national truck accident statistics released in 2016, the number of fatal truck accidents increased by 27% from 2009-2016. In Michigan, 17.6% of all truck-related accidents were incapacitating while .093% led to death. Further clarification records there were 12,749 truck/bus drivers involved in a crash, and of these accidents, 2,194 people were injured or died. The Michigan statistics also show that a total of 21 bicyclists and 42 pedestrians were also victims of truck accidents and of these, 23.8% of the pedestrians were killed, which is about 10 out of 42.

Statistics show that the most deaths in regards to trucking accidents are of those driving in smaller sized motor vehicles. Trucks often weigh over twenty times that of a regular car and have much higher ground clearance which can result in the car or smaller vehicle underriding the truck during the crash. Truck braking ability is also another problem that factors into accidents occurring. Trucks with fully loaded big rig trailers can take up to 40% longer to stop than the average car would. Road conditions can also make this disparity even more extreme. Fatigue is another large contributor to many trucking accidents. Federal hours-of-service regulations permit drivers to drive up to eleven hours per individual stretch, but this rule is regulated violated by many drivers when truck accidents occured.

Final Word

Driving a large truck on the highways is a tremendous responsibility. An accident with a vehicle that can weigh more than 80,000 pounds can cause many casualties and much human and property damage. The Law Offices of Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. are prepared to assist you if you are involved in an accident with a truck and to make sure that you receive full compensation for any harm or pain and suffering. Our truck accident attorneys are ready to serve. We are always available for a free consultation, and you can contact us at or call us at 866-MICH-LAW.

Disclaimer : The information provided is general and not for legal advice. The blogs are not intended to provide legal counsel and no attorney-client relationship is created nor intended.

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