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If you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury (SCI), you may require extensive medical care, changes to your home, and medical devices to help you navigate your life post-injury. Spinal cord injuries are devastating, whether from a car accident, sports injury, or medical malpractice.

Because spinal cord injuries cause varying levels of paralysis, those affected often cannot afford the necessary medical care, new job training, and alterations to the home. To help you recover and experience a full life, work with an experienced spinal cord injury law firm that can get you the compensation you deserve.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Before you look for a lawyer, it helps to know what type of injury you suffer from. SCIs are either complete or incomplete. If you cannot feel anything below the injury, you suffer from a complete SCI, while someone with an incomplete SCI may have some movement or feeling.

The type of SCI also depends on the location of the injury. Those with tetraplegia experience loss of movement or total paralysis in their pelvic organs, hands, arm, legs, and trunk. In contrast, those with paraplegia only experience this loss in the lower half of the body.

Although any SCI level changes your life, tetraplegia could make it significantly more challenging for you to return to your previous work. You may also need to hire a home aid or make expensive alterations to your home.

How to Find a Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Spinal cord injuries can cost sufferers hundreds of thousands of dollars. As soon as possible, you should begin looking for a spinal cord injury lawyer who can guide you through the process, including dealing with insurance companies, suing negligent parties, and helping you get financial compensation for your injuries. Follow these steps to create a list of possible lawyers.

Ask for recommendations

Your first step when looking for a lawyer is to ask your friends and family. If you’re still in the hospital or attending physical therapy, ask other SCI sufferers for recommendations as well.

Read reviews

Additionally, look online, making sure to scroll through reviews from previous clients. You can find these on lawyers’ websites, the BBB, and on Google.

Think about location

Keep in mind location when you search for a lawyer. If you already need to travel to see medical specialists, you don’t want to add to that. Keep your search area close to home or near your medical specialists.

Research their experience

Only include lawyers with previous SCI experience on your list. Because SCIs can affect every aspect of your life, from your ability to drive to what types of jobs you can do, it’s essential to have a lawyer who understands the medical and financial implications of one.

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Choosing Your Lawyer

Once you’ve made a list of potential lawyers, call each of them. Spinal cord injury cases can take years if you have to go to court, so you want to ensure you like your lawyer professionally and personally.

To ensure that you choose the right partner for your lawsuit, ask the following questions.

Previous experience with SCI cases

Spinal cord injury lawsuits are complex. Depending on the cause of your injury, your lawyer may also need to file other cases, like a product liability case, a medical malpractice lawsuit, or a wrongful death suit.

Previous experience with SCI cases makes it easier for a lawyer to recognize what damages to ask for, especially concerning future medical expenses. If possible, find a legal team with medical experience. At Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C., our senior partner Eileen Kroll brings ten years of experience as a registered nurse to your spinal cord injury case.

Their fee structure

Spinal cord injury victims often have extensive medical costs while also suffering from lost wages. With this overwhelming debt, many feel concerned about adding the cost of a lawyer.

Before scheduling your consultation, ask the lawyer how they handle payment. Many operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if you win your case. However, you’ll need to ask about whether they take a percentage, a predetermined amount, or another option.


You want to work with someone who has time to explain the process to you, keep you updated as your case progresses, and answer any questions you have. At your consultation, ask the lawyer how many cases they typically take, when their office hours are, and whether they’ll personally handle your case or delegate it to junior staff members.

Track record

Lastly, do some research about the law firm’s track record with spinal cord injuries. You can look on their website for statistics and also look up news articles about previous lawsuits.

What to Bring to Your Consultation

Before your first appointment, there are some essential documents and information to gather. Consolidate a record of all your medical information, including your diagnosis, CT scans or X-rays, prescriptions for medication or therapy, and any documents from specialists.

You’ll also want to include copies of all costs related to your injury. These could include medical bills, purchasing a wheelchair or accessible vehicle, adding a ramp to your home, or altering your bathroom.

If you have missed work, bring documentation of that. You may also have medical documentation showing you cannot return to the same job again due to the injury.

If you have a trusted family member or friend who can accompany you, it’s wise to bring them along. If you cannot meet with your lawyer because of a medical procedure or because your injury prevents it, your family member can help you. At Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C., we can make alternate arrangements such as a video conference call to discuss the merits of your case if you are unable to come to our law office.

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At Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C., we have extensive experience litigating spinal cord injury cases in Michigan. If you believe your injury resulted from another’s negligence, contact our team to schedule a free case evaluation. Call us today at 866-MICH-LAW to learn how we can help you recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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