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Long Term Disability Lawyer in Flint

Unfortunately, denying or terminating long term disability claims has become common practice for insurance giants and government agencies in the United States. If you have a claim rejected despite meeting all eligibility criteria, contact a social security disability law office in Flint, Michigan.

Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C., is proudly serving Flint, MI, and the surrounding areas for disability cases and long term disability insurance claims.

Long Term Disability Lawyer in Flint

Applying for Disability Benefits in Michigan

If you become permanently injured on the job and are applying for workers’ comp, you must give your employer written notice of your injury within 90 days of its occurrence. The worker must then file a claim within the statute of limitations, which is two years in Michigan.

There are multiple ways to file SSDI (social security disability insurance) or SSI (supplemental security income) claims in Michigan. You can do so in person at your local social security office, or you can contact the SSA over the phone. For SSDI, you can also apply online at the SSA official government website. If you have been working long enough to be insured, and your disability meets the SSDI’s standards, you should be eligible for coverage.

If you have private insurance, you can file an LTD (long-term disability claim) with your insurance provider by going through a few simple steps.

  • Obtain a claim form from your insurance company or from your employer if your coverage is through your workplace.
  • Collect proof from your doctor of your disability. This might include a medical certificate supporting your LTD application and recommendations on how to improve your condition and when you might return to work.
  • Complete the claim form with your statement detailing the circumstances of your ailment and get a statement from your doctor. You may also need an employer’s statement and a description of your job.
  • Submit the application and await the assessment of your claim.

Seeking Justice

If your claim is denied by your insurance company or a government agency, you need to contact a reputable law firm and let seasoned disability attorneys handle the appeals process.

At Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C., in Flint, our social security disability lawyers are skilled at handling disability cases involving various debilitating medical conditions. For assistance in filing claims for workers’ compensation and social security disability insurance, take a look at our lawyer directory and contact us at 866-MICH-LAW.

In addition to providing sound legal advice, senior partner Eileen Kroll is also a registered nurse who can apply her in-depth medical knowledge to your case.


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