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Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Detroit

Workers Compensation Lawyers in Detroit

If you’ve been hurt on the job, you deserve workers’ compensation benefits. Although Michigan law is designed to give you compensation for medical bills and lost wages, employers’ insurance companies may fight some or all of your claims.

Even if your case is clear-cut, navigating the process is difficult. You need the assistance and legal advice of an experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Detroit to make sure you get the most financial relief possible.

Michigan Workers Compensation

In Michigan, employers are legally required to have workers’ comp insurance. When you file a claim for compensation, the employer’s insurance company will often pay for your initial treatment before making you see one of their doctors for further assessment.

The doctor hired by the insurance company may try to tell you that your injuries aren’t that bad and that you have to return to work. However, you have the right to file an appeal and fight for more benefits. You can get your own lawyer and expert witnesses to help with your case.

What Counts as a Workplace Injury?

In general, any injury or disease that results while carrying out an employer’s orders can be considered a workplace injury. This may include injuries that occur driving between employer offices, traveling for work, or visiting a client’s facilities.

Injuries could include slip and fall accidents, exposure to toxic chemicals, injuries caused by machinery, sprains and strains, and much more. Even gradual injuries that cannot be linked to a specific accident may qualify, but the threshold of evidence required is high. You will need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Detroit with experience in representing injured workers to win your case as quickly as possible.

Serving Greater Detroit

No matter what industry you work in, you should seek out legal representation for your work-related injury. At Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C., we value your time and will fight hard for the benefits you deserve to protect your health and your family. Our law firm specializes in workers’ compensation and personal injury cases, so we have the experience and knowledge to help you win the benefits you deserve.

Our team can help you with your workers’ compensation case so you can focus on healing and spending time with your family. Contact us today at 866-MICH-LAW for a free consultation.


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