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Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Michigan

In the state of Michigan, under the Michigan Workers’ Disability Compensation Act, employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance. This means that if you’ve suffered an occupational injury, you may be entitled to financial payment for lost wages, medical bills, and more.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be complex and overwhelming when you are healing from an injury. Experienced lawyers who have dealt with Michigan workers’ compensation cases can help you get what you are due.

Workers Compensation Claims

The essential benefits that Michigan workers’ compensation insurance will provide for an injured employee are:

  • Medical care
  • Lost wages
  • Benefits for permanent injuries
  • Benefits for a career switch
  • Death benefits for family and loved ones

To fully understand what is covered by workers’ compensation benefits, you need a workers’ compensation attorney with years of experience with workplace injury and insurance companies.

Most Michigan workers are eligible for this compensation under Michigan law, but there are some exceptions. Federal employees, some agricultural workers, independent contractors, and owners of small businesses with fewer than three employees are not eligible for financial compensation.

The state of Michigan makes no distinction between temporary or permanent injuries, which means that no matter how serious your injuries, you should be able to collect financial aid.

Workers' Compensation Lawyers in Michigan

Most Eligible Injuries

The most common types of on-the-job injury that workers seek compensation for are construction injuries, hospital injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, asbestos exposure, driving accidents related to work travel, exposure to chemicals, and machinery accidents.

A workers’ compensation lawyer will give you the privacy of an attorney-client relationship along with legal advice and guidance. The period after an injury can be painful, alienating, and confusing. It is helpful to have an experienced hand to guide you through such turbulent times while you heal and prepare to get back in the workforce.

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