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How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Legally Reviewed and Edited by: Terry Cochran

If you have been involved in a car accident are facing the possibility of taking on a team of attorneys who work for your insurance carrier consider hiring your own legal representation. Without an experienced car accident lawyer at your side, you are at the mercy of your insurance company’s lawyers. Their job is to fight your insurance claim, possibly even denying it.

Car accident lawyers in Michigan work to alleviate the burdens of the millions of car accident victims who will be involved in auto accidents this year. They also help to determine the at-fault party.

On average, the U.S. sees over six million car accidents annually. Of those, around three million results in pain and suffering. More than two million people are likely to suffer some long-term or permanent injury after an auto accident.
With this in mind, it is crucial that anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident consider hiring legal representation, especially if you are involved in one of these dangerous types of accident:

1. Head-on collisions

Head-on collisions are usually considered the deadliest of car crashes.

Because of the physics involved in head-on crashes, even drivers who are traveling at safe speeds in residential areas risk death. For example, if both drivers involved are driving at a speed of 30 mph, the moment of impact would be the equivalent of the sum of their speeds, or 60 mph, resulting in the simulation of a high-speed collision.

Head-on collisions become especially dangerous on the winding single-lane highways found in rural areas. For drivers in Michigan, in particular, these types of accidents should be taken seriously, as there is a large number of rural counties and an above-average property damage and car accident fatality rate.

2. Rear-end crashes

Drivers involved in this type of crash often have a higher risk of long-term damage to the back and neck, which is due to the sudden and often unexpected jolt of your car being hit from behind. Injuries like whiplash can, over time, develop into chronic neck and back problems that require numerous visits to the hospital and extensive physiotherapy resulting in hefty medical bills.

3. Side-on impact

Car Accident Lawyer

the most common car accident on American roads is a T-bone crash that occurs at intersections or as a vehicle crosses lanes of oncoming traffic.

Side impact collisions are also the most deadly and cause 18% of all car accident fatalities in the U.S.

One reason this type of collision can be so deadly is due to the lack of protection some car manufacturers employ in their design of the side-doors and frames of their vehicles. Side impact collisions can also contribute to higher chances of a rollover accident occurring.

When choosing a vehicle, always check its safety rating. In the U.S., most new cars are rated by either the IIHS or NHTSA concerning the safety features available on the key-impact and crumple zones of a car, including the sides.

How can a car accident lawyer help you?

Hiring a car accident lawyer after an accident is the most crucial aspect of negotiating a fair settlement from your insurance carrier after your accident. The insurance settlement you receive covers the cost of the vehicles involved as well as the medical care costs and lost wages that resulted from the accident.

One aspect that is often overlooked by individuals involved in a vehicle accident is how the accident may affect them in the long-term, as whiplash and chronic pain issues may take longer to develop and not be immediately apparent. In these cases, you will likely need a personal injury law firm on your side to prove that any late-occurring injuries are the result of your crash and to provide any other necessary legal advice.

Many serious accidents also require a considerable amount of aftercare and therapy which insurance adjusters may try to keep out of your settlement award. An injury lawyer will ensure that you get the compensation you deserve to cover the initial costs as well as rehabilitation.

The takeaway

Car accidents are a prevalent and unfortunate reality in the U.S., and it is essential that you seek the help of injury attorneys experienced in car accident cases in Michigan after your accident.

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