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How to Find an Attorney When You are Injured in a Car Accident

Legally Reviewed and Edited by: Terry Cochran

If you sustained major injuries in a crash, or got hurt when involved in a fender bender, you need to hire a car accident lawyer to protect your rights and get compensation. But, hiring the right lawyer is imperative to receive the results you want and deserve.

Why Do You Need a Car Accident Attorney?

Hiring an attorney to represent you after an accident occurs can help you receive a larger long term settlement. Since insurance companies have their teams of lawyers working on each case, you need to have representation to counteract their advantage.
For smaller injuries and damages, it is possible to represent yourself, but it is not recommended.

Finding an Attorney

Finding an attorney doesn’t have to be difficult. By following some basic research techniques as well as conversations with different firms, you can locate the perfect car accident lawyer to fight for your case.
Don’t settle for the first law firm you can find to take on your car accident case. It is important that you have the right legal counsel behind you so you can fight to win. Contact an attorney that you are confident can help you achieve the best settlement you can get.

Research Method 1: Using the Internet

Researching for a lawyer online is a similar process to trying to find any other kind of professional in your area. Just like you would search for “Dentists in my area” you can search for “auto accident lawyers in my area” too. Searching for attorneys online based in your area gives you a significant oversight of all the options available to you.
The advantage of using this research method is that you can reference reviews left by former clients. Read all the reviews and consider the different professional and communication factors the firm has or lacks. Remember these claims can take a while to solve, so it is vital you feel the lines of communication are always open between you.
You can also take advantage of the many extensive attorney databases available online to narrow and optimize your online searches. You can search using key terms like “personal injury lawyer” or look to see which attorneys in the database are familiar with accident laws.

auto accident lawyers

Once you have found some highly-rated car accident attorneys online, you can also visit their websites to learn more about the firm as a whole as well as the individual attorneys. When looking at the website, try to find evidence of experience in representing victims of vehicle accidents. If there is none, or only very little information about their experience in this realm, it may not be the best representation option.

Research Method 2: By Telephone

If you do not feel comfortable looking for an attorney online, you can contact different agencies by phone and ask for their recommendations.
Find the contact number to your state’s bar association. They should be able to point you in the right direction of lawyers specializing in car accidents in your immediate area. Talking to your local or state wide bar association may also provide you a first look into the proceedings of a personal injury claim case.
Compared to the online research option, this method is better if you want recommendations from industry professionals rather than just clients. This method also allows you to investigate easily whether the firm you are interested in ever had any issues with the bar or if had their license suspended. If any of these things happened in the past, it is best to look for another firm to represent your case.

Research Method 3: By Recommendation

If you know anyone who was seriously injured in a car accident and had to hire a car accident lawyer in the past, ask them about their experiences. If they had a positive experience with their attorney, you could reach out to the same firm and see if they would be willing to take on your case as well.
If you happen to know a lawyer that your trust personally you can ask them to recommend a qualified colleague. Even if the lawyer you know doesn’t practice in car accident and accident injury cases that doesn’t mean that they won’t know someone who does. What better source is there to ask for good legal representation than from another lawyer?
However, when following recommendations, you should not enter into a contract blindly. Always meet with the lawyer first and see how you feel and if they are qualified enough for your case specifically. After all, each case is different, and your claim might include some extra challenges. You may have already lost wages from being unable to work due to your injury and you could be balancing hefty medical bills while recovering from your injuries, so you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.
Regardless of which method you choose, it is imperative that you feel comfortable with your attorney and trust them completely. Another thing to keep in mind is their workload. If he or she is juggling too many cases at one, they may not be able to dedicate the necessary amount of time towards your car accident claim case.
There are a few other questions you should ask before deciding on an attorney to represent your car accident case:

  • Check if they have a free consultation available, and if not, see how much the initial interview is going to set you back.
  • Always make sure they are qualified to represent your particular case.
  • Observe their fees. Are they reasonable? Will you be able to realistically afford their services? How are they expecting their payment? Are their fees negotiable in any way?

All of these factors can be very important things to consider if you are trying to get the most out of paying for a car accident attorney in Detroit.

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Disclaimer : The information provided is general and not for legal advice. The blogs are not intended to provide legal counsel and no attorney-client relationship is created nor intended.

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