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Should I Hire a Construction Accident Attorney

Legally Reviewed and Edited by: Terry Cochran

No matter how strict health and safety regulations are, construction sites remain the most dangerous places to work and the working conditions on some sites do not come close to those specified by law.

In Michigan, the highest number of fatalities in the workplace occurs on construction sites, with a total of 31 fatalities in 2017. If you have suffered an injury in a construction site accident, then you want assurances that you will not be out of pocket due to lost wages and medical expenses. In many cases, a construction accident lawyer can make sure that you will have nothing to worry about.

How Can a Construction Accident Attorney Help?

Although Michigan law requires all construction industry employers to hold workers’ compensation insurance in the case of any accident, payouts after an accident can sometimes be complicated.

This insurance is meant to cover certain economic factors such as lost wages and any medical bills incurred. But sometimes, insurance companies may make a settlement offer that you feel falls short of what you are entitled to and that offer may not cover all your costs for medical treatment.

The law around this insurance also means that being entitled to that automatic compensation means you are not allowed to make any sort of claim against your employer.

However, under certain circumstances, you may be able to pursue a claim against a third party. For example, if the machinery you were using is found to be faulty or defective, then you may be able to make a claim against the manufacturer or against the subcontractor responsible for servicing and looking after that machinery.

When to Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer

Consider consulting with an attorney after any accident which has left you unable to work and facing a loss of wages. An experienced attorney can ensure that any offer from an insurance company for your construction injuries will cover all your expenses. They can also look at the evidence to see if a third party claim can be pursued.

Questions to Ask a Construction Accident Attorney

If you meet with an injury lawyer, there are certain questions you can ask them to ascertain whether they will be able to competently represent you:

  • How much experience does your law offices have in construction accident cases and litigation?
  • What sort of success rate have you had?
  • If I have been injured in a construction accident, what sort of compensation am I entitled to?
  • Does workers’ compensation stop me from suing the construction company even if they were a subcontractor?

Reasons to Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer

Unless you are positive that the workers compensation process will be smooth and that you will have all expenses and losses covered, then hiring a specialized injury attorney is a sensible move.

And where you believe that there is third party liability, an experienced lawyer at our law firm can examine the evidence and navigate the intricacies of Michigan construction law to seek the best result possible for any construction worker.

While the workers’ compensation laws may seem straightforward on the surface, the reality is that it can get very complicated. With the construction industry made up of so many contractors, developers, subcontractors, and sole traders, who actually holds responsibility can be a complicated question.

We can guide you through the maze of laws and regulations to ensure that any personal injury you have suffered is adequately compensated.

Construction Accident Attorney

Call a Construction Accident Lawyer Following Any Incident

It may sound like overkill to call an attorney after your construction site accident but it can be a highly advisable move. With difficult insurance companies to deal with who prefer not to pay out large amounts and potentially intricate trails of liability to identify, a good lawyer could be the key to a smooth process.

What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Construction Accident Lawyer

Every U.S state has some form of workers’ compensation structure in place. But initial settlement offers are usually lower than what may be gained with an attorney fighting your case.

Why it is important to hire a Construction Site Accident Attorney?

Having an experienced and competent attorney on your side can ensure that any insurance company settlement offer is fair and just. It can also be a necessary move if there is a third party liability involved and you are considering suing them for the injuries you suffered.

Hiring a Construction Accident Lawyer Is the Right Choice

Having an attorney working on your case who not only has experience of construction accident claims in the courtroom but also up to date knowledge of Michigan’s construction laws makes good tactical sense.

Your attorney can negotiate with any involved insurance companies to make sure they make a reasonable settlement. They can also identify if you have grounds to pursue a third party claim.

How a Construction Accident Attorney Will Fight for You

Your construction accident lawyer can represent you in any scenario required. From dealing with insurance companies to pursuing litigation in the courts where there is third party liability.

Last Thoughts

With so many dangers present on construction sites, some accidents are simply unavoidable. Thousands more, though, are totally preventable and happen due to negligence, defective machinery, poor training, and other factors.

Where such acts cause injury, permanent disability, or even death, then there has to be accountability for those failings. And for the victims and their families, there has to be some level of financial compensation to ensure they do not face hardship.

Our team at Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. has years of experience in dealing with workplace accident claims and in assisting clients to get their full entitlement from the workers’ compensation scheme.
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