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What If No One Witnessed Your Workplace Injury

Legally Reviewed and Edited by: Terry Cochran

If you’re injured on the job, you should apply for workers’ compensation. Even if no one saw your accident happen, you’re still entitled to receive benefits.

Unwitnessed work injury claims can be harder to prove. However, there are several steps you can take to increase your chances of filing a successful workers’ compensation claim.

Report the accident

As soon as possible, report your injury to your employer. Especially if there were no witnesses to your injury, a prompt report is vital.

Be detailed. Include the exact time of the accident, where it occurred, and what you were doing. It’s also essential to report information about the injury itself. State what part of your body was hurt, how severe the injury was, and what medical attention you required.

Be sure to note anything different about your surroundings at the time. For example, if you slipped because of a leaky pipe, you should describe the spilt water.

Seek medical advice

Just like any other claim for compensation, you should seek out medical advice as soon as possible. Your employer can choose your doctor for the first 30 days, so confirm your doctor with them before your appointment.

Don’t delay seeing a doctor. Many injuries can worsen over time and benefit from quick medical treatment.

Keep a detailed private record of all medical visits, medications, and therapies prescribed, and information about the accident. Note down the date and time when you informed your employer. All this information can help you to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Don’t give up

Especially if no one saw your injury occur, the insurance company might deny your claim the first time. If this happens, you can try again through the appeals process. If you haven’t already found a lawyer, consider working with one before appealing.

Work with a workers’ compensation attorney

Since it can be harder to prove your injury resulted from a work accident without witnesses, consider working with a workers’ comp attorney. They can offer you legal advice and help you to receive full workers’ compensation benefits.

Be honest with your attorney. Even if you admit fault, you’re likely still entitled to receive workers’ comp. As long as the injury occurred at your workplace, your employer might be liable.

When choosing a lawyer, look for a law firm with experience in personal injury and workers’ compensation. They can help you file your claim and help determine if you’re eligible for other benefits.

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