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Personal Injury Lawyer in Dearborn

Our law offices specialize in legal issues and cases involving medical malpractice, criminal defense, car accidents, dog bites, and other cases in Dearborn, Michigan. If the personal injury requires long-term medical care, you may be entitled to receive compensation for any medical bills. In the case of wrongful death, the liable party’s insurance company should compensate for legal fees, funeral expenses, and estate planning.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Dearborn

The law firm of Cochran, Kroll, and Associates, P.C. can handle personal injury claims, serving Dearborn, MI, and Southfield, MI. Our team of personal injury attorneys is experienced in handling all kinds of cases, and finding ways to make sure that our clients get properly compensated.

The statute of limitations for personal injury is two years. If you discovered your injury after those two years, you have six months to file a claim.

Car, motorcycle, and truck accidents are common forms of personal injury, and often at least one party is found to be at fault. If you have been involved in an accident and feel that you were not at fault, you may be entitled to a number of benefits. At Cochran, Kroll, and Associates, P.C. we have defended and prosecuted many auto accident cases and don’t rest until we get our clients the compensation they deserve.

Personal injuries can often occur due to medical malpractice and negligence as well. If you or a loved one were injured in the care of a medical professional, or followed their advice and experienced negative reactions, you may be entitled to a financial award to cover any possible additional medical expenses or long-term care costs.

Final Thoughts

At Cochran, Kroll, and Associates, P.C. our team of lawyers knows how to handle a variety of cases to bring the victims of compensation they deserve. Personal injuries can cause a great amount of pain and suffering, both in the immediate and long-term future. When this injury is not your fault, then the responsible party should compensate you for medical treatment, lost wages, and other repercussions of the injury. Call Cochran, Kroll, and Associates, P.C at 866-MICH-LAW for a no-obligation case evaluation. consultation.


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