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Bloomfield Hills’s Car Accident Attorney


Bloomfield Hills’s Car Accident Attorney

If you suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident in Bloomfield Hills, you may incur medical expenses related to the crash. If you suffer serious injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury, recovery and expenses can uproot your life and leave you struggling to pay your bills while you recuperate.

After involvement in a vehicle accident, it is essential to work with a car accident attorney to help you understand how Michigan’s no-fault system works and aid you in seeking compensation for your injuries. The law office of Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. can provide legal representation when you need it most after your accident. Our personal injury lawyers can help you move forward in filing your accident claim and receive maximum compensation.

The Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

A dedicated personal injury attorney can take the steps needed following an accident to make sure you obtain a fair settlement. Your attorney can help you understand your legal rights, compile evidence for your case, and ensure you meet all timelines for filing documents for your claim.

Help you learn about your legal rights

The insurance company may try to pass your personal injury claim file around to several adjusters and request multiple copies of your medical records. They may also attempt to offer an initial settlement that may not cover the extent of your injuries.

Speak to an experienced car accident attorney for legal assistance regarding no-fault auto insurance covering your accident-related medical expenses. Your attorney can advise you about your application for benefits with your insurance company. They can also speak with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure the claims process goes smoothly.



Compile evidence for your case

An accident lawyer can get police reports, photographs, and video footage of the accident scene. Photos of vehicle damage and accident injuries, such as a neck injury, might assist the insurance claims adjusters in determining the collision’s circumstances.

If the attending police officer in your accident wore a body camera, the lawyer can help you obtain that footage. Your lawyer can also request the footage of private businesses’ surveillance cameras. If other drivers saw your accident, you might need an attorney’s help to obtain dashcam footage.

Interview witnesses

Insurance companies may attempt to question your version of events to offer you a lowball settlement. Independent witness testimony can give more insight into the accident and may back up your account of the accident.

An experienced attorney can interview witnesses shortly after the incident to ensure that all details of the accident crash are recorded. If a witness observes one driver drinking and driving erratically before the accident, it may show that drunk driving caused the accident.

Assemble all medical documents

If you sustain a substantial impairment of body function or permanent serious disfigurement, you may sue the at-fault driver under Michigan’s no-fault insurance law. Having medical records that show the severity of your injuries and additional care for them is crucial for you to receive maximum compensation.

Nurse attorney and senior partner Eileen Kroll can review your medical records and expenses related to your medical care. She can use your medical documentation to calculate your economic and non-economic damages.

Meet all legal deadlines for filing

In Michigan, no-fault insurance claimants have one year to file injury claims with their insurers for no-fault benefits. You have three years to sue the responsible party’s insurance company for pain and suffering damages and medical expenses above your insurance plan’s limits.

Your experienced attorney can build a case with evidence from your accident, like your medical records, police reports, and lost wages during the recovery process. They can also take your case to court for a personal injury lawsuit.

In case of wrongful death of a loved one in an accident, Cochran, Kroll, and Associates, P.C., can work with you to file a wrongful death claim. This type of settlement can help you pay funeral expenses, replace future lost wages, and provide monetary compensation for loss of consortium.

Work with Experienced Auto Accident Attorneys in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

An auto accident in Oakland County can be a traumatic experience, but there is legal assistance throughout the process. Our auto accident lawyers at Cochran, Kroll & Associates P.C. can answer your questions about filing a claim for no-fault coverage.

Our contingency fee basis means we only get paid if we win your case, so there is no financial risk to you to get started. Call our law firm today at 1-866-MICH-LAW and schedule your no-obligation, free case evaluation.


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