Car Accident Attorney in Southfield
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Car Accident Attorney in Southfield

Car accidents can wreak havoc not only on your health but also on your finances. Whether you’re the driver or passenger, the possibility of severe injury is high, and accidents often leave victims struggling to pay unexpected medical bills and property damage while dealing with lost wages. Now is the right time to consider hiring an experienced car accident attorney to help you through the process.

Michigan-based law firm Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C., serves the Southfield, MI area with a team of legal experts ready to take on your case. If you’re in an accident, we will make every effort to obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Car Accident Attorney in Southfield

Types of Compensation

With close to three million people injured each year across the country in motor vehicle accidents, accident compensation soon becomes a top concern for many. Your compensation, or damages, can come in different forms, including:

  • Medical expenses: Seeking reimbursement for medical expenses is the most common compensation. Physician visits, hospital stays, and physical therapy often follow an accident. Also, medical benefits include future healthcare needs directly related to injuries sustained in the accident.
  • Property damage: You can include damage to personal property, including a motor vehicle, in your compensation claim.
  • Lost wages: Following an accident, it may take time to recover completely, keeping you away from work. Lost wages, as a result, can affect your financial situation. Your accident claim can include these lost wages, as well as any future lost wages.
  • Pain and suffering: The injuries sustained in an accident are often painful and lead to continued suffering. Compensation can be for both physical and mental pain and suffering.
  • Special damages: In some cases, you may receive additional compensation for special damages, like the loss of companionship.

Claiming Compensation

Working with a car accident lawyer fully knowledgeable in Michigan no-fault benefits is your first step to achieving successful results in your accident compensation claim. Not all insurance companies are quick to act, and you may be left fending off creditors while you wait, so seeking legal advice right away will help get the ball rolling.

If your accident occurred due to someone’s negligence, your personal injury attorney can initiate a lawsuit on your behalf. If someone died as a result of the accident, they can also file a wrongful death claim.

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Dealing with the aftermath of your auto accident can be daunting, but with the help of a dedicated Michigan car accident attorney like the ones with Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C., you can confidently seek the compensation you deserve.

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