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In Farmington Hills, Michigan, motor vehicle collisions can be challenging to navigate, especially after you suffer devastating injuries. Auto accident victims face negotiating with their auto insurance companies while receiving medical treatment and dealing with the emotional impact of this difficult time.

Regardless of the driver at fault, your personal injury attorney can determine if you are eligible for financial compensation for pain and suffering and other losses from your motor vehicle accident.

The auto accident attorneys at Cochran, Kroll, & Associates P.C. provide legal representation for auto crash cases in Oakland County and throughout Southeast Michigan. Our legal team can help you understand Michigan auto law and guide you through the entire process of filing your accident claim with your insurance company.

Michigan’s Auto No-Fault Insurance Law

Michigan’s auto accident law is unique in that all drivers are required to carry no-fault vehicle insurance. The no-fault insurance benefits pay for the costs of injuries, property damage, and other compensation benefits caused by a car accident. No-fault insurance is required in Michigan for all motor vehicle owners and registrants.

An experienced Michigan no-fault vehicle insurance attorney can review your insurance policy limits and the medical benefits you may receive after your accident.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Along with no-fault wage loss benefits, attendant care, and replacement services for up to three years after the accident, PIP covers all reasonable and necessary medical bills for the rest of your life. Michigan drivers have a choice of six levels of no-fault PIP medical coverage, including:

  • Unlimited PIP medical coverage
  • $250,000
  • $500,000
  • $50,000 for drivers with Medicaid coverage and have household members who have auto insurance

You don’t need PIP medical coverage if you have Medicare Parts A and B or if you or any of your household members have another auto policy. If you don’t select a PIP medical option, you’ll receive unlimited PIP by default.

Property Protection Insurance (PPI)

PPI covers damage to other people’s property, such as fences, buildings, and legally parked vehicles, up to $1 million.

Residual Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability (BI/PD)

If someone is killed or seriously injured in an auto accident in which you are found liable, your BI/PD covers the cost of damages and your legal defense up to your policy limit. The following are the default BI/PD policy limits:

  • Injury or wrongful death in an accident: up to $250,000
  • Multiple injuries or fatalities in an accident: up to $500,000
  • Property damage in another state: up to $10,000

Submitting a no-fault insurance claim in Michigan

An auto accident lawyer can give you peace of mind through every step of the accident injury claims process, filing your no-fault application on time. They gather evidence to present to your insurance company and their insurance adjusters, proving that your injuries occurred as a result of the incident.

  • Collect evidence to prove your injuries: The cost of ambulances, rehabilitation, and any medical care required to recover after the accident can illustrate your injuries. Your lawyer can also include photos and videos of the accident scene to connect the accident to your injuries.
  • Prove your loss of wages: Doctors’ notes, past wage stubs, and income tax returns strengthen your wage loss claim.
  • Submit a no-fault claim with your insurance company: No-fault insurance claims in Michigan must be submitted within a year of the date of the accident.

Ways an Auto Insurance Company May Handle Your Claim

Insurance companies may attempt to reduce the amount of compensation after your accident. They may handle your claim in several ways:

  • The insurance company may say you were the careless driver in the accident and argue that you contributed to your injuries. If they succeed in proving your contribution, this lowers the amount of money they have to pay you.
  • The insurer may also decide that you share a percentage of auto negligence for the accident and may offer you a reduced accident settlement that doesn’t cover all your medical care and treatment.
  • An insurance adjuster may state that your injuries are not as severe as you claim them to be. They may even have you undergo an independent medical exam with their own medical expert to review your injuries and suggest treatment options.
  • Insurance adjusters might ignore a request or demand more information to postpone compensation. The adjusters may also attempt to deny benefits or state that you are not entitled to benefits.

You can expect an insurance company to use these tactics during the negotiating process. Our experienced auto accident attorneys know how much these claims are worth and provide answers about insurance protections. We can help ensure your legal rights are protected when settling with the insurance company.


Types of Damages in Car Accidents in Michigan

The Michigan no-fault law protects all drivers from auto crash litigation. However, if you have serious injuries, you may file an automobile accident lawsuit against the negligent driver to recover your damages.

You can receive compensation for your motor vehicle accident case for economic and non-economic damages. An experienced attorney can help you structure the actual damages to get the best possible outcome from the driver at fault.

  • Economic damages: These damages include calculable costs, such as wage loss and medical expenses above your no-fault benefits. You can also sue the at-fault driver for vehicle damage of up to $3,000. Economic damages have a firm monetary amount that you can present to the insurance company or court for reimbursement or compensation.
  • Non-economic damages: They refer to the mental and emotional consequences of the accident and your resulting injuries. Your car accident attorney may claim non-economic damages for pain and suffering, mental or emotional distress, loss of companionship, or loss of enjoyment of life.

How can I sue after a Michigan car crash?

Michigan has a comparative negligence statute, meaning the at-fault driver may be held responsible for automobile negligence if they are 50% or more liable for the accident.

An auto settlement is also possible if you can prove you suffered a serious impairment of an important body function under Michigan’s threshold injury limitations. A lawyer from Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. can let you know if you have a case when you meet the threshold injury limitations.

One of our senior partners, Eileen Kroll, is also a registered nurse. Her combined legal and medical skills can help build your case and argue for the best outcome for your injury claim.

In the event of a catastrophic injury, such as a traumatic brain injury, she can review medical imaging tests, doctor’s notes, and medical expenses related to your recovery to calculate the damages. She can then build a solid case to prove that your economic and non-economic damages directly result from the accident.

When I Can No Longer Work Because of a Motor Vehicle Accident

Michigan auto law covers your wage loss benefits if you cannot work because of an automobile crash. You can recover compensation from the negligent driver for lost wages beyond your insurance policy’s monthly wage loss benefits.

Working with an experienced attorney allows you to pursue an award of monetary damages for excess and future wage claims against the negligent driver who caused the accident. You can also sue for non-economic damages related to your job loss, including pain and suffering. Michigan’s laws are complex, and a skilled auto accident attorney will review your case to calculate your claim and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.

Work With Experienced Auto Accident Attorneys

An experienced attorney at the law firm of Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. can help you determine whether you can sue someone for your losses and injuries from a car accident. We help clients after they’re involved in a car crash, big-rig truck accident, or motorcycle accident.

Our legal team can provide additional accident information resources and help you during this challenging time. We will ensure all documentation from your accident scene and injury is accurate and complete, help you file your claim, and fight for the settlement you deserve.

We have a successful track record of winning settlements for car accident victims, such as a Marlette, Michigan, family being awarded $1.3 million after they were struck in a truck accident.

Our contingency fee basis means we only get paid if we win your case, so there is no financial risk to you to get started. Call our law firm today at 1-866-MICH-LAW and schedule your no-obligation, free case evaluation.


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